Bad Grades

by Evil HR Lady on February 7, 2010

i found ur id on;line and found that u ans evil hr question. i am struck with a question in interview of “why my grades are so low”. and also cant find an ans where a positive mindset is going to be created in mind of the interviewer. i am a law graduate.

You know why you can’t come up with a positive answer? Because your grades are low because you don’t care one whit about them. Or at least you didn’t until now when you are in need of actual employment.

How do I know this? Because you did a Google search, found my blog and thought I could solve all your problems (and I could, if I wanted to!), and you didn’t even bother to capitalize the first letter of every sentence. Oy.

Your lack of caring is coming through loud and clear in your resume, your GPA, and your interviews. I guarantee it.

It’s not about coming up with some magic answer. It’s about who you are. Some people have low grades but will make fabulous employees. They have drive and determination and had some hardship that they needed to overcome, or had to work two jobs to get through school or something. You can’t even be bothered to use proper punctuation when you are asking someone you don’t know to do a favor for you for free.

You need to start caring. You need to vow to never (and I mean NEVER) write another e-mail like this to anyone. I don’t care if your friends all do it. You are now a grown up and grown ups don’t communicate like this. (I know, I’ll get comments about how someone is a super VP making $300,000 a year and writes like this, well bully to them, but it’s not the norm and don’t think for a minute that you can get away with this.)

If you write like this in your personal communications it will spill over into your job hunt. The attitude shows.

You need to be able to answer this question by stating the truth about why you got bad grades and what you are doing now to overcome that particular flaw. There’s a standard question about your weaknesses–well this is yours. Overcome it.

Honest. It’s a tough market out there and jobs are not readily available. If you want any chance at all, you have to prove yourself. Your transcript won’t do it for you. Now, go out and change your attitude, and learn to use the shift key.

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