October 2011

Managing Employees: 5 Scary Small-Business Mistakes

by Evil HR Lady on October 31, 2011

I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed on with Allbusiness.com. It’s a site devoted to small business, so if you are a small business owner or work for a small business, this an excellent site for you.

My first column is up today, and of course, it has a Halloween theme. (Because, as you might have noticed, I love Halloween.)

Tonight when all the trick-or-treaters are out, trying to scare you into coughing up some candy (good candy, please, none of those Bit o’ Honey or Necco Wafers), I’ll know what really scares small business owners: employees.

Yes, your employees can make or break your business, but battling zombies can be easier than managing people.

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I got some awesome suggestions over the weekend, and I’ve used some of these and some of my own in this BNET article: 10 Signs Your HR Department Has Been Taken Over By Zombies

Add yours in the comments here, in the comments at BNET or on Twitter using the hashtag #HRZombies.

Happy Halloween!


HR Zombies

by Evil HR Lady on October 29, 2011

Since Halloween is almost upon us, I have a question? Just how would you know if your HR department had been taken over by zombies?

My thought: When you get your open enrollment form, there are only questions about how fresh your brain is.

Add your answers to the comments, or tweet it with the hashtag #HRZombies.

I’m looking forward to some awesome answers.


I Have Applied to Every Job and Still Can’t Get Hired

by Evil HR Lady on October 28, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Thanks for your columns; they greatly demystify the world of HR.

I left a job eight months ago because I was being bullied. Ever since, I have been looking for work. I have applied everywhere, including fast food restaurants. I have experience in a lot of areas, with engineering being the most current area that I am studying. I have more than ten years experience in clerical work and even three years in science laboratory work. I complete the MS in Engineering this upcoming spring.

Nevertheless, my problem is not solved; I don’t have a job. I have obtained several interviews that often appeared to have worked well only to receive notice that the position has been cancelled or a candidate with “more experience” has been selected. However, in many of these cases, I personally knew the applicant that was selected and usually, it is someone who has just graduate high school or college with no experience and no internships in the field. In terms of fast food positions, students with no high school diploma have been chosen over me and I have some experience in the fast food industry and I have taken some college-level nutrition courses as well.

I’m not complaining because I understand that the economy is rough; I am only trying to figure out the reason that I appear to be so unmarketable to employers. In addition, because I often hear that it is not “what you know, but who you know.” I have tried networking. However, I have been unsuccessful in this area as well. Many of the people that I have worked with in the past have seemingly genuinely offered me their help to find positions. Yet, when I write to these people or call them, they seem rude and disillusioned; thus, they offer no help. Many of these are people that I talked to quite often while I was employed, but now it appears that they do not want to be involved with me at all. I don’t think that I am “rubbing them the wrong way” because I am very soft-spoken and polite and I have been told this by many people for most of my life. Furthermore, this is the only time in my life in which I have been treated in this manner by so many people.

I have tried everything that I can possible concoct to obtain employment. I have applied to every position that I can possibly imagine. I have even applied to clean the restrooms at local businesses and I was rejected.

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5 Steps to Taking Charge of Your Career

by Evil HR Lady on October 28, 2011

Is your career stagnating? Are others moving ahead of you? Here are 5 things you can do to put yourself back on the ladder to success.

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New Study: Do Men Make Better Bosses?

by Evil HR Lady on October 25, 2011

A new study says that legal secretaries prefer to work for men. Is that something unique to the law, or is that a universal principle? Are men better bosses?

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Breastfeeding At Work

by Evil HR Lady on October 24, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I need advice. Last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I went back to work Feb. 1st of this year as a part time employee. I am nursing and pump once daily at work. Prior to leaving on maternity leave I informed my employer that I would be returning in Feb as a part time employee and would need a place to pump. The place was provided and a time was agreed by both of us.

Lately, the hours that are busiest have changed and we have lost a few employees-are now understaffed. My employer wants me to change my hours to coincide with the busiest time of day. Unfortunately, I have no child care for those hours and she has given me 2 weeks to find someone to care for him. If I cannot work those hours then she wants me to resign.

On top of changing my hours she is just now deciding to take my health benefits away (announced that she was only doing me a courtesy to let me keep it up to this point) and she is not allowing me to pump anymore after my hours change since it would seriously disrupt the operations of the employer, which is a way of not allowing me to pump through California Labor Code 1032.

She has publicly informed me of the issues she has with me (in front of coworkers) and even stated that I was taking advantage of her nice actions. She has issues with me pumping and still needing time in the work day to eat ( Eating while working had never been an issue at our office-she prefers this so no one clocks out). Until I change my hours I have agreed to clock out for pumping sessions and not eat at all for the 5 hours I work Mon-Fri.

She has been asking me to fix other issues at work and I am feeling harassed. She has sent me e-mails, texts, & spoken to me in person about different issues. I feel like I am walking on egg shells everyday and am just overall uncomfortable with her around. Unfortunately, we are a small medical practice (with only 5 employees total) and she is the only doctor/owner, so I deal with her daily. She has a history of verbally attacking employees and constantly breathing down their backs (Ive seen it happen to others & have been a victim before). I don’t know what to do except try my best to work with her requests but I want to know my rights so I can stand up to her with concrete facts. Help please.

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Employee vs Employer Bill of Rights

by Evil HR Lady on October 19, 2011

Who need a Bill of Rights more? Employees or employers?

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Bosses: Let Your Employees Take Vacation

by Evil HR Lady on October 17, 2011

Should you go on vacation? Should you let your employees take vacation? Yes, and yes. Here’s why.

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Sugar: The Key to Hiring Success

by Evil HR Lady on October 14, 2011

What do you look for when you hire? Someone who is agreeable, or someone who will push back and be a little bit jerky at times? Here’s http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifa way to tell who is who.

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