My company cut my pay

by Evil HR Lady on March 5, 2014

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I just received a review, and my manager told me they are cutting my pay by $2.50 per hour. I am an hourly employee and I understand $1 [reduction in pay] was because a certificate has lapsed. When I asked her about the $1.50 a hour she was cutting off my pay she said, “you can’t go anywhere else around here and make what you were making,” when in fact I went on, and after being with the company for almost 10 years I was making 52 cents more per hour than the median range. Now I’ll be considerably below. I am also responsible for tasks which are not required for other employees that she deems at my same level. No other employee was required to take a pay cut. Do I have anything to go on here, or do I have to suck it up and deal with a terrible employer until I can find a better one?

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