How to hire an employment lawyer

by Evil HR Lady on December 22, 2014

I frequently tell people it’s time to hire an attorney. For instance, I got an email from someone yesterday, who believes he’s been illegally terminated from the Philly school district. His assigned union rep is best buddies with the principal who fired him. There isn’t a blooming thing I can do from Switzerland about about that. That’s the type of thing you need a lawyer for. Me saying, “Gee, that sounds unfair!” won’t cut it. (And, given the level of corruption in Philadelphia, finding a trustworthy lawyer might be a bit difficult. If you are such a person, willing to battle this, let me know and I’ll give my reader your info.)

Anyway, sometimes you need a lawyer, whether it’s something simple like help with severance negotiation (which can sometimes be complex, but often is simple), or something complex like a sexual harassment case. But, contacting a lawyer can be a little scary. You don’t know what to expect. You may never have needed the services of an attorney before. Fortunately, Christopher McKinney, a Texas Employment lawyer, just wrote two posts about hiring an employment lawyer. If you need an employment lawyer now or might need one in the future, read this. Regardless, bookmark his posts for the future, when you ┬ájust might need an attorney.

1. How to Hire An Employment Lawyer. This tells you what to look for, that you’ll have to pay, and all about the questionnaire you’ll have to fill out.

2. Preparing for Your Initial Consultation With An Employment Lawyer. He’ll tell you what to bring and what to leave home and even how to dress. (Yes, it matters).

Seriously, read these articles. Embrace these. They will help you if you ever need an employment lawyer. It will save you time and money if you know what you need to do going in. Also, you can find an employment attorney at If there are other employee side employment attorney organizations, I’m happy to add them to this post.

Update: Daniel Schwartz has written an article for business owners/managers about when they should call an employment attorney. Read it here:
Three Times When You Should Call an Employment Lawyer

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