How to Turn Your Employees Into Fans

by Evil HR Lady on May 22, 2015

Everyone wants the best people to work for them. But ideally, you want people who not only are good at what they do, but are true fans of the business. Is it possible to have employees who are true fans?

Being a sports fan means more than just liking the team. Being a fan at work is more than just liking your job. “Sports starts becoming your identity. And being a sports fan begins becoming part of who you are.” Fancred‘s mission is to be the world’s largest sports fan network, but CEO Kash Razzaghi’s internal goal is to turn his employees into fans of Fancred.

Believe in your company’s mission. If you don’t demonstrate and constantly reinforce the company’s mission, you can’t fake it to get people on board, Razzaghi says. “You have to get in the trenches to show your commitment to the company. Your passion and dedication will trickle down and inspire your staff to work for the cause and not the paycheck.”

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