What Happens When I’m Forced to Go Non-Exempt?

by Evil HR Lady on August 24, 2015

I have been an exempt supervisor for the past ten years. With all this talk of the changes to exempt federal minimum wage, I have some questions. I’ve already heard rumors in my company that their intentions are to make the exempt employees who are making less than the proposed new minimum wage into nonexempt employees and schedule us for 36 hours per week.

My question is, will they be able to lower my pay below what I’m making now? In other words, say I am paid salary, and if it was to be broken down hourly it would be $16/hour, can they decide they want to give me $14/hour? The other question is if they change me to nonexempt without changing my job duties will I be able to sue for two years of back overtime?

Thanks for you help.
To read the answer, click here: What Happens When I’m Forced to Go Non-Exempt?

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