How to Deal When the Power and Praise Go to Horrible People

by Evil HR Lady on January 15, 2016

Have you ever encountered a person who had all the grace and charm of a slug?

An angry, power wielding slug?

Or maybe a power hungry electric eel?

Either way, they exist in the workplace, and sometimes you get stuck working with them.

Sometimes, they are your boss, the HR manager, or a sleazy coworker who senior management seems to love and reward.

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Angeline January 16, 2016 at 5:30 am

Please HELP! Please respond and like and share if you agree the following is absurd. The management team for a Holiday Community in NC was fired because they were supposed to guess that, while on their day off, a family would bring in a dancer for their Uncle’s 100th birthday who was too risqué for the current head of Corporate Human Resource’s taste (Oscar Cardonna).

Who is Oscar Cardonna and what made him think that he did the right thing? He is clearly power-tripping! He’s just using his position to show his staff, the retirement residents, and their family that he’s in charge. If he’s right with saying that what happened in the 100th birthday party of one of the residents there was immoral and harrassing, then why aren’t the whole retirement community supports him in his decision? Why does he need to abruptly fire the managers without letting them pass a due process in the so-called mischief that they did? Clearly because he is not right, he isn’t doing the right thing and he only want to prove/use his power over everybody. The Human Rights commission of NC should do something about this. It’s evident that the rights of the managers as employers and those of Uncle William, his family, friends, and co-residents were violated. This is illegal and he should be condemned on this irresponsible act.


Lady Commentariat January 16, 2016 at 6:05 am

Interestingly, I was in the position of LW2’s manager: I came on board to manage a team with serious issues. The most obvious was a grossly obvious slacker. After months of observation and more on a PIP, we finally let that person go only to have the rest of the department freak out because they realized people would actually be held accountable for their work.

I’ve had some very, very difficult jobs (I have been threatened with assault on the job a couple of times by clients), but that remains the worst because my reports were inexperienced and unwilling to believe they had something to learn regardless of how positively I tried to couch things.


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