The Dark Side of Telecommuting to the Office

by Evil HR Lady on January 13, 2016

The perk that many, many people want? The ability to work from home-either part time or full time. In fact, so many people want this that a lot of companies have implemented telecommuting policies. For those of us who love working from home, this is fantastic. No┬ácommute. We’re home when UPS brings our packages. When the washing machine starts pouring water out the door and through the ceiling (I speak from experience), we don’t have to take a day off to wait for the technician to come.

But, what has happened at the office? Not everyone loves working from home, and a culture that ends up encouraging telecommuting can often make the people who prefer to work in the office unhappy. The New York Times reports on new research by Professor Rockmann and Michael G. Pratt, a management professor at Boston College that talks about this dark side of telecommuting. They write:

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