10 Things Every Working Mom Needs

by Evil HR Lady on May 3, 2016

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, husbands and children are thinking of presents for wives and mothers. Just what does a working mom want for a mother’s day present?

Well, probably not these things, unless your wife/mother loves practical gifts. Some moms love practical and some moms want jewelry. I assume you know what the mother in your life wants and if not, ask. But, these are things that every household needs-even if it’s dad who does the cooking.

When you’re working and managing a family, you want things to make the life part of work-life balance run smoothly. These are guaranteed to help.

1. Crock-Pot or Instant Pot

These are two separate items that are actually the opposite of each other-but they serve the same purpose, dinner on the table, easily. With theCrock-Pot (or slow cooker) you dump everything in the pot before work in the morning, turn it on and come home to a delicious dinner. With theInstant Pot, you can dump everything in when you get home and in a half an hour, it’s ready to go. (The Instant Pot also does have a slow cooker function, but I swear by my Crock-Pot.)

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