You MUST Choose a STEM Major. Except, Wait These Leaders Didn’t.

If you are getting ready to go off to college, or you are sending a child off to college, you might be concerned about a major. Majors are important, of course. I mean, I majored in political science and look where it got me.

I asked some small business owners what they majored in and how that influenced their lives. And you’ll never guess what the Art History Major does now. <—Clickbait sentence!

To read all about it, click here: Can’t Decide on a Major? Here’s What Major Set These Leaders Up for Success.

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7 thoughts on “You MUST Choose a STEM Major. Except, Wait These Leaders Didn’t.

    1. Facebook is trying to ban clickbait headlines just as I’ve decided to start doing them!

  1. Missing from the whole ‘STEM is wonderful’ trope is the simple fact that STEM is a foreign language to most bosses. Applying the inverse of Moore’s Law, a boss’s knowledge of technology — barring keeping up with a dozens of trade publications, after 7 years is about 2%. My most useful classes were foreign languages (French and Hebrew). As a manager with high level customer support duties (including regulatory compliance) I must explain abstruse concepts in something that does NOT sound like technobabble. Keeping people safe demands that you are understood.

  2. Hooray! I loved seeing so much support for accounting! Completely agree that is crosses all industries. One part I love about my career is the possibility of learning so many different industries, depending on where I work.

  3. You “must” do nothing. (Sorry for bad grammar.) There’s no bad choice really. Some majors will earn more. Some you will hate or flunk out. It makes no sense to think you have to do STEM.

  4. I think pushing STEM is a shortcut for a lot of things and doesn’t account for the diversity of science and engineering, nor the job opportunities related to each. As a STEM major myself I will be talking with my kids about having a plan for the work world. I don’t care in the slightest what they major in – it’s great for a college degree to be your passion, and to give you a broad perspective. You need to be realistic about employment and to know that the higher paying fields usually have hard core expectations of hours. There are a lot of tradeoffs.

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