5 HR Best Practices That Never Go Out of Style

by Evil HR Lady on December 13, 2017

Remember when there was no Human Resources Department or HR best practices? There was simply a “personnel department,” often led by a stern person in a stuffy suit (at least according to television and movies). Personnel did hiring and firing and managed the “steno pool.” Now we have Human Resources, but we still use some of those old school best practices — although hopefully, we aren’t unpleasant!

Here are five best practices that never go out of style.

1. Find Qualified Candidates

Hiring has always been a key part of personnel or HR. While we used to run advertisements in the Want Ads and now we post job descriptions on websites — either the business’s or a job board — the purpose is the same: find as many qualified candidates as possible. In addition to posting job openings, recruiters focus on networking and actively seeking candidates. HR today finds the best candidates. They don’t always just show up on our doorstep. (And we would turn someone away who just showed up. Apply online, please!)

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