The Best Employee Perks Even Small Businesses Can Afford

by Evil HR Lady on March 22, 2018

You’ve probably heard about the best employee perks the big Silicon Valley players offer—free gourmet lunches, on-site massages and huge common areas stocked with the latest video games—and may have thought smaller businesses can’t compete. Truth be told, most small organizations probably can’t. Let’s just be upfront about that.

But Google can’t compete with small businesses, either. They can offer things big companies just can’t. Here are several perks (most small businesses can afford) that just might make them more attractive than competing corporations.

Great Management

This might not sound much like a perk at first, but it’s really the best perk there is. A manager who knows how to lead and guide their team well—and squashes bullying and gossip before it can take hold—is already winning. If the purpose of perks is to enhance employee retention, investing in great management is the best strategy. Hiring correctly and training managers properly can keep the best employees happy and engaged.

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Cajun2core March 22, 2018 at 8:33 pm

I would also add to this list a lack of bureaucracy and paperwork Example:

At job1, we had to fill out formal sick leave form – even when we called in sick (filled it out when we returned), had to go through at least 2 people to have a picture moved 2 feet down the hall, had to go through a number of steps to purchase a $5 item, and all kinds of other paperwork and formal procedures.

At job2, when we wanted a door totally removed we asked our boss, he said fine, and we removed the door ourselves. We could just call in or email in sick with no paper work. We could buy anything reasonable and get reimbursed for it without a ton of paperwork.


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