5 Ways The World Would Be Better If We Were More Like Barbara Bush

by Evil HR Lady on April 18, 2018

Barbara Bush (née Pierce) died yesterday at the age of 92. A former First Lady, Second Lady, and mother of a president, Mrs. Bush was in the public eye for much of her eye. Anyone in that situation can expect to have all their flaws exposed in the least flattering way possible. But, here’s the thing: while she was a flawed individual (we all are), the world would be a lot better off if we followed her example. Here are five ways Barbara Bush stood out to me.

1. She disagreed politically with her husband and still had a great marriage.

It seems like now, anyone who disagrees over politics must be branded the enemy and we see families ripped apart. The feelings are so strong that we seem to be incapable of recognizing disagreement and remaining close. She explained about her husband’s job,”I don’t fool around with his office and he doesn’t fool around with my household.”

Mrs. Bush and her husband didn’t always see eye to eye on politics. She didn’t seek to undermine him or embarrass him. (And I’m purposely not giving examples because I don’t want people to take political sides.) Jack Steele, who was a longtime aide said, “She’ll speak her mind but only to him.”

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Amy April 18, 2018 at 3:04 pm

Classy lady, she’ll be missed.


Jennifer April 20, 2018 at 4:10 pm

This is such a great read, I have tears in my eyes!


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