I’ve been waiting a long time to announce this, and I just had to get everything put together and ready to go! I’m leaving the world of HR and Business writing and entering into a new area, which also brings joy and help to all those who are willing to just be open minded.

That’s right: Essential Oils.

Look, I was skeptical at first as well, but since I started using them, my skin looks fabulous, my hair is silky and shiny, I’ve lost 43 pounds, and my kids have started getting to school on time.

Yes, I’ve found that by rubbing their feet every night before bed with my special (secret!, available only from me!) blend of oils, they wake up on time, happy, and go out the door without me having to scream like a banshee. Truly it is a miracle!

I used to think that writing about careers and business was a great way to help people, but I’ve since figured out that essential oils are the way to go!

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of Evil Oils Lady (it won’t really be evil, but I’ve already got the devil horns thing going), please click here: Evil Oils Lady.

I do global shipping, so no worries! If you’d like to be part of my team, I’d love to have you! Make sure to follow the link!


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Evil Oils Lady

  1. Oh gosh … why did you wait until today to post this? I just got an oil change for my car Thursday, but nothing spectacular happened. If I had just gotten and rubbed some of your secret oils on the tires not only would my engine run better, but my car would shine with a new-car glow, would have that new-car smell, and would get an extra 5 miles per gallon. And after driving it for a couple of weeks I’m sure I would start growing a new head of hair. I guess it’s too late this time, but I’ll be ordering your oils about 4,000 miles from now.

  2. This post gives me the giggles. Whether it turns out to be intended as a joke or not.

  3. Will essential oils convince my four year old to eat something other than sushi and toast with butter?

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