Should you threaten to quit to get a raise?

by Evil HR Lady on November 21, 2018

I work in as an Executive Assistant and a Human Resource Officer (kinda). I am just about to graduate with a BS in Psych with an emphasis in HR. I have been gunning for an early promotion because I have cleared my career ladder (completed/accomplished all requirements at top of my career ladder) and I have taken on two other roles, HR and Office Manager. I thought this would be something that would get me promoted early on, especially with the fact that I only received positive feedback about my work from my boss.

There is another person in my office that was given an early promotion but not for any reason other than she said she was given another job offer and was going to leave if she couldn’t get more here. Note that she doesn’t have additional experience, it’s minimal, and she has no degree. She also has not taken on any other work; she sticks to what she was given when she first started.

I have since presented my boss with my case for early promotion; I’m graduating, I’ve taken on two additional job titles, and I have been giving great work to her and the company. She has since told me that I will need to wait until I graduate before I can see anything similar to the promotion that my coworker received. This to me is unfair, and it’s really weighing on me to a point where I’m not sure if I should stick around.

I’d like to question her on this, but I’m not sure as to how to approach her about this… Why can my coworker get an early promotion with having taken on no extra work, no additional experience or education but I cannot no matter how hard I work? Her approach to things like this (many things) is very inconsistent. The rules and getting away with things are very different for everyone.

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