After an Organizational Shift, You May Need to Change Your Company Culture

by Evil HR Lady on May 21, 2019

You’ve worked hard to build a great company culture, but after a major restructuring, you might need to make changes to help the business move forward.

After an organizational shift, it’s normal for employees to feel concerned and unsure of what will happen next. And while you may have had a great open culture, when employees are being laid off or your company merges with—or is bought out by—a different one, trust can be shaken. While it’s true that these decisions generally need to take place behind closed doors, the aftermath of a disillusioned workforce can’t be ignored.

That’s why significant organizational changes must be accompanied by a company culture revamp, even if you were pleased with the way things were before. Because if you just went through a series of layoffs, there are fewer people left to do the job. Or if you bought a new company, a plan must be developed for those employees to integrate. And if you were bought out, you’ll need to know basics like do you now defer to your new owners when it comes to strategic decisions?

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MariaRose May 22, 2019 at 12:07 am

This article is mainly aimed at management personnel, not the individual workers who are most affected by changes in organizational shifts. Basically, if you stay on with a company, for whatever reasons, one should definitely expect that the rules have changed and you should make yourself both aware of the changes and what is required as if you were starting up a new position.


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