7 Times You Should Think About Employee and Client Gifts that Aren’t Christmas

by Evil HR Lady on December 3, 2019

‘Tis the season for gift buying. Everyone scrambles to come up with the perfect “Holiday” gift, and then once we’ve done our Secret Santa exchange, we breathe a sigh of relief. 11.5 months until we need to think about that again!

But why is it so difficult? It’s not like December sneaks up on us. It’s not like you hire 47 new people every November who you know nothing about and for whom you need to buy presents. (Unless you work retail and then you do hire that many people, but you’re also too busy to be reading this article. We’ll see you in January.)

Now, my proposed solution to gifts is always food because I love food. But I have heard that there are people who don’t love food as I do. Or have allergies or dietary restrictions or are trying to lose the weight they gained when they took all their kids’ Halloween candy and ate it in the closet. Ahem.

What can you do to make holiday giving easy and have your employees not put you on the worst presents from bosses list? Enter Gifted. With a few clicks, you can either select Holiday gift certificates for your employees, or you can let them chose their own gift. (The latter is probably the best choice for those 47 seasonal workers you hired.)

And after you’ve done that, and your employees are happy that they don’t have to wear the sweater you thought they would love (they don’t), you may want to increase your gift-giving throughout the year.

Why? Because it makes people happy. You may not have money for massive bonuses or big raises, but an occasional small gift can make people’s days. For instance, you could think about presents for the following circumstances:

1. Birthdays. Might as well get this one out of the way. If you let your employees know that you are thinking of them, it can be a beautiful thing. While cake in the breakroom is always appreciated, a thoughtful gift (or a thoughtful gift card so your employees can choose their own gift) is always nice. One of the nice things about Gifted is that you can set up an automated program so you’ll feel like the old Ron Popiel commercials–set it and forget it!

2. Valentine’s Day. No. Do not buy your female employees chocolates while leaving your male employees to fend for themselves. Icky. If you’re going to buy a Valentine’s gift, you buy it for all employees, and everyone gets the same thing. Gifted has some Movie Tickets / Date Night gifting program for valentines which lots of people love.

3. A move. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have in your old house; you’ll need to get some new and different things when you move. If one of your employee moves (whether it’s a company relocation or a personal choice), a gift certificate to Home Depot or Target or CB2, Wayfair and Overstock will be appreciated.

4. A successful big project. When your team has stayed late for weeks and pulled off the impossible, it’s time for a big bonus! If that’s not possible (finance is so stingy), this is a good time for a gift. And an extra day off. (Remember, comp time isn’t legal in place of overtime. Pay your overtime and give them a day off!)

5. Work anniversary. The company will take care of the big ones (probably–at least they should), but what if you remembered when each person joined your department with a small gift?

6. New Babies. Everyone loves other people’s babies (because you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night with them). Aside from the office baby shower (for new moms and new dads), a welcome back from maternity/paternity leave gift-focused either on caffeine or on diapers is an excellent booster for that tired parent. Side note: do not gift a new mom anything to do with weight loss or fitness unless you wish to be destroyed by a withering mom look.

7. Mondays. What is so special about a Monday? Because it can be hard to come back to work and face what lies ahead. A small gift on a random Monday can make your employee’s week.

Gifted (who sponsored this post) can make finding the perfect gift easy–and it’s free. Bonus:  your team members can choose their own gift. You can look thoughtful and caring in a matter of minutes and for not that much money. An effective gift doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy; it just needs to be thoughtful and appropriate.

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