The Sure Way to Alienate Your Employees During Covid

by Evil HR Lady on September 24, 2020

All employees are required to wear masks when walking around, keep socially distanced while seated, and must eat lunch their desks–no group lunches in the cafeteria.

Unless, of course, you’re part of the executive team. They walk the halls without masks and eat lunch together in a conference room.

One of my readers described this situation to me. Can you imagine what this is doing to employee morale? My reader was not happy.

Practice what you preach

Whether or not you think masks help prevent Covid-19 transmission is irrelevant in this situation. If your company policy requires it or your state law requires it, then the CEO and senior management team should never, ever, not for thirty seconds, violate that rule. 

You cannot expect your employees to respect and follow you in business matters when you do not follow the same rules you expect them to follow. This applies to all sorts of rules, like vacation time, travel reimbursement, and proper office behavior. In the case of Covid-19, it applies to masks and other behavior designed to keep employees and clients safe.

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