Please Tell Me this CEO is Nuts

by Evil HR Lady on November 9, 2020

No. This is not a creative way to get noticed. This is a stupid way to get noticed. If someone sent me $10 and asked for a job, I’d return the $10 and put them in the do not hire, ever category.

It’s not cute. It’s not creative. It shouldn’t make you consider this person above other candidates. Graham says, in the comments, the briber was interviewed but not hired. The hiring manager should have disqualified him immediately instead.

Yes, I have strong feelings. Getting jobs is hard enough. Adding an element where people who cross ethical lines get a boost is detrimental to all job hunters. You want the best person for the job, not someone who is okay with bribery. (Granted, if you’re hiring someone to work with government officials in Philadelphia, bribery may be a required skill.)

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