Swiss Sunday: Corona Update

by Evil HR Lady on November 1, 2020

What do they say about pride? It goeth before the fall? All summer I mocked my family and friends in the USA. Look at how amazing Switzerland is! We have so few cases of Corona! We follow the rules! We know how to wash our hands.

And then fall hit. And it started raining. And people started staying inside. And there was no Vitamin D to be had from the sun. And now look at us.

Yeah. We have 8 million people in this tiny country and are getting a crazy number of positive cases. So, did I have a Halloween party last night? No, I did not. Did I still eat an amazing amount of candy? Yes, I did.

I think we’re in for a long, dark winter. While I still feel relatively safe where I live–I’m in Baselstadt (BS on this map)–the university is now 100 percent online. Grades 10 and up are online. Church is online. (Advantage of online church: You can turn off your camera on Zoom and eat snacks during church.)

To be honest, I kind of expected better out of my temporary homeland. The Swiss government is ridiculously competent and non-political when it comes to Corona management. The Swiss people, having been conditioned since birth, are very good rule followers. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I see people without their masks on public transportation (which I ride almost every day). And yet, here we are.

I don’t mean to be melancholoy. I want to emphasize that we are all in this together, and no matter the policy or plan, it looks like we all have to go through this. So wash your hands, follow your local guidelines, and be kind to everyone. Everyone is going through tough things right now. Everyone needs a bit of compassion.

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