The EEOC Releases Guidelines on Mandatory Workplace Vaccinations

by Evil HR Lady on December 17, 2020

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued brief guidelines for how businesses can approach Covid-19 vaccinations with their employees today, December 16, 2020. While these guidelines will undoubtedly change as more information becomes available, the advice is consistent with previous vaccinations (like flu shots).

Jeff Nowak, an employment attorney with Littler says, 

“As we might have predicted, EEOC generally has given the green light to employers to require that their employees obtain a COVID-19 vaccine with potential exceptions for ADA and religious accommodations.  

Notably, employers who wish to exclude from the workplace those employees who refuse the vaccine will have to show that these individuals pose a direct threat.  In the middle of a pandemic, this hurdle is unlikely to be burdensome, but it’s hardly a free pass for employers.”

To break this down a little bit, here are some of the highlights from the new guidelines.

Click here to read: The EEOC Releases Guidelines on Mandatory Workplace Vaccinations

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