What HR Can Learn from 2020 (incl. the most important skill)

by Evil HR Lady on December 10, 2020

If you prefer to read, Neelie helpfully included this roundup–not a complete transcript as she probably got bored typing all my “umms”

HR lessons from 2020

SL: There are so many things that we’ve learned in HR this year. One of those things indeed goes back to working from home because before Covid everybody said that the number one benefit they wanted was the option to work from home. Some people have been thrilled about it and some companies have completely closed their offices and will never go back. Other people, however, have learned that they actually love the office.

I think this gives us a mind switch in HR. For years, we’ve been fighting with business leaders and said that if a job can be done from home there is no reason it shouldn’t be done from home and we’ve been pushing for that. Now we have got to take a step back and ask ourselves whether that’s best for our people. If it isn’t best for our people, then it isn’t best for our business because what we need is happy people.

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