The Cheap Perk 50 Percent of Your Workforce Will Love

by Evil HR Lady on February 12, 2021

Do you stock feminine hygiene products in your bathrooms for your employees (or perhaps customers)? While some might think this is a trivial thing, it could make a difference to your employees.

Federal law doesn’t require businesses to provide feminine hygiene products for their employees, and (as far as I know), no state requires it either. Thankfully, a recent change to Flexible Spending Accounts means that you can use that money for tampons and pads, meaning that the IRS finally recognizes them as essential healthcare items. But, even so, not everyone has a healthcare plan that provides an FSA or participates. 

Proving tampons is probably good for employee retention too — especially if there are a lot of low-income employees. What do the numbers say? Jezebel estimates women spend about $120 a year on menstrual products during their reproductive lifetime, a total of about $5,000. And many women in the U.S. have experienced “period poverty” during their lifetime, meaning, for women living on the edge financially, it could be a choice between buying tampons or dinner. 

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