Step by Step Guide to Mandating Vaccines in the Workplace

Deciding to require Covid-19 vaccines for all your employees isn’t an easy thing to do. While the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) says clearly that you can make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory (with exceptions, discussed below), and the courts have upheld this, it’s not as easy as telling people to get the vaccine.

Your policy needs to balance business needs and public health concerns with a healthy dose of realism. Older employees are more likely to be vaccinated, while younger employees may not see the point. Of course, if your business works with vulnerable populations, immediate vaccination is more important than if your employees rarely come into contact with other people.

Here are the steps to putting together your mandatory vaccine plan.

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7 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Mandating Vaccines in the Workplace

  1. People act as if policies requiring vaccinations, masking, social distancing, enhanced hygiene and sanitizing, and other common-sense public health disease suppression methods are, somehow, a bad thing. Our employers have a general duty under OSHA to provide us a safe workplace. Such measures are even more important for the protection of those unable to be vaccinated, due to disability or religious accommodations, or because they are under 12 years of age. Imposing a vaccination mandate should help an employer’s recruitment efforts, not hinder them. We shouldn’t have to risk our lives — or the lives of our families and friends — in order to simply go to work.

  2. Another thing to do is offer paid days off for dealing with side effects. Some people have none, and others might feel lousy for a couple of days. I was able to get both my shots on Friday so I had the weekend to deal with it, but provider schedules will vary. For workers who live paycheck-to-paycheck, losing two days can have a major impact on their budget. You don’t want people to forego getting vaccinated for that reason. Pay them.

  3. Just shame your employees and tell them they are killing their co-workers if they don’t get the vaccine. That seems to be the standard plan. You just throw out that the unvaccinated are killing everyone and you have no issues going forward.

  4. Workforce decisions based on gut instincts won’t take your business very far. Make the smart choice by investing in an HR analytics software that give you workforce analytics backed by real-time and accurate data.

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