It’s Time to Hire the Long-Termed Unemployed

Last year at this time, the economy was humming along, with unemployment at 3.8 percent overall and 2.0 percent for college grads. January 2021’s unemployment rate is at 6.3 percent, which means that an awful lot of people who lost their job during the peak of pandemic unemployment are still looking for a job.

If you’re hiring, it’s time to look at some of those people who have been unemployed for six months or more. (Some people have been unemployed for a much longer time!) Companies often prefer to hire people who are already employed, but if you want to do what is best for your community and your company, it’s time to look at the long term unemployed.

Hiring long-term unemployed candidates is good for your community.

We’re seeing an increase in low-impact crimes,” said Jeff Zisner, chief executive of workplace security firm Aegis. “It’s not a whole lot of people going in, grabbing TVs and running out the front door. It’s a very different kind of crime — it’s people stealing consumables and items associated with children and babies.”

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Hire the Long-Termed Unemployed

    1. What is not mentioned in this article is how do you get these long term unemployed in to be even considered for evaluation in an interview if most places use computer filtering to pre-evaluate which immediately removes these candidates. You would have to look for the application manually to find it if the program leaves it on file.

      1. I hate to say it but the long-term unemployed folks I know who found employment lied. Be it stretching dates, creating a fake company, or getting a family member who owns a business to be your “employer”…some of these companies that make it a point to not hire long-term unemployed (and there are many with this policy), have probably hired long-term unemployed folks who fooled them (lying is unethical but I can’t blame desperate folks too much).

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