Women Not Getting What They Need at Work, Says New Report

Women left the workforce in droves in 2020. Many have not returned.

But what is it that they’d return to? As Deloitte’s new 2023 Global Women @ Work report, which surveyed 5,000 women worldwide, points out, [D]espite some improvements over the past year, many women are still not getting what they want or need from their employers.”

The Search for Flexibility

Dorothy Dalton, founder of 3 Plus International, which guides organizations seeking to build diverse, inclusive, and gender-balanced workplaces, explains:

The Deloitte Women at Work Report 2023 is sending a very clear message to businesses trying to recruit female talent and what they need to get right and focus on. Thirty percent of women in the survey reported that lack of flexibility was the key reason for leaving. This was followed by work/life balance (19%) and the lack of opportunities to learn (13%) and advance their careers (12%). Organizations need to clearly showcase that these are key offerings in all their recruitment material (job postings, career pages, etc.) and other employer branding.

Remote work is often seen as a key to flexibility (although other options exist). Indeed, a year ago, remote jobs posted on LinkedIn received 50% of all applications, even though they only made up less than 20% of jobs. And while men also apply for remote positions, providing remote options does make it easier to acquire female talent.

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3 thoughts on “Women Not Getting What They Need at Work, Says New Report

  1. As an “old pro,” I’m really annoyed at all the “soup du jour” HR programs that target specific groups.

    When will red-headed, green-eyed, left-handed Virgos of Scandinavian descent need special consideration?

    All this WHINING! You’re not doing it for FREE, folks!

    We don’t have job descriptions for Men.

    We don’t have job descriptions for Women.

    We don’t have minority or single mom job descriptions.

    We also don’t have job descriptions for transgenders.

    Go to work and do the job, or don’t. Your choice.

    1. There are plenty of reasons why groups should get unique considerations at work, even if you ignore the vast history of open violence towards many marginalized groups. For example, menstruation is a thing. Anyone who’s been through even basic first aid knows about Universal Precautions, and we’re talking about bodily fluids. This obviously needs considerations. Some jobs also involve hazardous materials that can more easily adversely affect fetuses and nursing infants, meaning that “Shut up and do the work” is, in those cases, literally putting lives on the line for productivity, something that we as a society have decided is a horrifically bad idea (I’ve seen the numbers, it’s also extremely bad business management). There are also religious considerations. People accept that we get Saturday and Sunday off as a given, but that’s because most people are religions where one or the other of these is the weekly holy day. Other religions have other holy days or holy times. Basic courtesy requires that we give people of those religions the same consideration, and history has shown (Chinese buffets and laundromats, Jewish delis, KFC in Japan, etc) that there are business opportunities here. Saturday and Sunday mean nothing to me, I’d rather have Wednesday and Thursday off; why not let me do that and keep the shop open 7 days a week?

      I’m all for focusing on the work, and I do think that many people take these issues too far, but there’s an awful lot of baby in that bathwater you’re tossing out the window, even if we restrict ourselves to pure dollars and cents and “Don’t actually kill people” levels of safety.

  2. Whatever the issue, for it to happen as a workplace enhancement, it has to become a factor that affects the male workforce and not just a result of sounding useful. If flexible work schedules don’t effect the long range career growth opportunities like it does at present then it will be used.

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