Dear Tucker Carlson, HR Is Not the Problem

HR is an instrument of cruelty, force, and coercion.” So said Tucker Carlson in a rant with Glenn Beck at the Family Leadership Summit.

While I definitely make fun of the evil side of HR, Carlson claims HR has made companies “far more soulless” and far more subject to the “anti-human legal mindset” where employees have been stripped of their humanity and “turned into widgets.”

Carlson doesn’t have a clue about what HR does.

This rant started because Beck shared that Fox terminated people who HR met, apparently metaphorical fangs out.

I can guarantee something here: The decision to terminate was not made by HR.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Tucker Carlson, HR Is Not the Problem

  1. The problem he’s got is that one of the roles of HR is the “Find out” side of the coin, and the manifest fist of the consequences of his own actions. The “friends” and colleagues in upper management can continue to say “There’s nothing I could do” even as they’re having meetings to decide when to fire him.

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