Organizational Restructuring: Should Your Business Consider One?

by Evil HR Lady on November 8, 2017

Many companies have gone through an organizational restructuring, where a traditional top-down management structure with a strict hierarchy is switched out in favor of something that more resembles a lattice. In a lattice (or horizontal) organization, employees may not have one direct supervisor; instead, they have connections and responsibilities that span departments and lines.

Should you make this switch in your business? If so, how? Here are a few points to consider before taking action.

Is It Really for You?

The lattice structure works well for some companies, but not well for others. Before you go through the trouble of reorganizing, think about why you need to do this. Do people often function across departmental lines, or is everyone pretty well siloed? It can be a difficult task to make this kind of organizational restructuring work, so make sure it’s what is best for your business.

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