How to Get Your Boss Fired

Dear Evil HR Lady,

My coworkers and I are all miserable because our manger is, in a word, terrible. While I’d love to list her shortcomings (they are many), I’ll just say that in the seven months she has been here, she single-handedly ruined what used to be a fantastic, high-functioning group.

Finally, one of our coworkers (we’ll call her Tanya) approached HR about the problems we’ve been having. This launched a little investigation into our team. Over the past eight weeks or so, HR has been meeting with each of us individually, Tanya and our manager together, and the manager’s boss (who visibly bristles every time this woman talks) separately. We were sure this investigation would culminate in our manager’s termination. Yet, she persists.

As far as we can tell, our manager is railroading us at every turn, and HR is blaming Tanya for being insubordinate. They also seem to think the rest of us are all on edge because Tanya and our manager don’t get along. Dumb. It seems completely infeasible that they don’t see what’s really going on, but they’ve shown no indication that they’re going to do anything but develop more “process” for us and mediate the conflict between Tanya and the manager. We’re feeling pretty helpless right now.

We’re all actively looking for other jobs (and helping each other look), but we’d really love to salvage the situation here if at all possible. Is there anything you recommend we can do as a group to tactfully communicate, “You’re about to lose an entire team of people if you don’t get rid of her”? We’re vaguely considering approaching HR as a group, but we’re not even sure how that conversation would go. Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated

How to Get Your Boss Fired

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  1. The poster needs to know the real consequences of going to HR to complain about a manager.

    You will get a reputation as a trouble maker.

    Then you will be fired or laid off at the first earliest opportunity.

    At my company, last year more than a dozen people went to HR at the same time about the same problem manager. There have been complaints for years, and there is a very large file on this person. What happened is that the boss called a meeting of the entire division and threatened to fire everyone.

    A few months ago, we had a layoff and everyone who was in the group that went to HR was let go. A few people of the original group had been fired individually during the year.

    And the troublesome manager is still here and thriving.

    Management always sticks together.

    1. where do you work? the Ontario Public Service? Sounds like management in OPS. I feel for you.

      1. Perhaps someone should anonymously tip off the news department of a local TV station so that a report is aired on the evening news. This will stop this garbage real fast if it is on TV.

        1. Anonymously is really the only way to go in most situations like this….its just too dangerous any other way….Human Beings will crush you to save their own ego, pride and vanity.

          I get it, cynical. But you can’t win the game if you don’t know, fully know, the players

    2. You will absolutely get a reputation as a troublemaker and, yet, THAT is exactly what everyone should do. Step up for what is right.

      BUT, until they come up with a cure for Human Nature….HR, and everyone else, will continue to be insecure, petty, punitive little kids who will throw anyone who threatens their livelihood, or threatens anything, under the first bus they see.

      Human nature. Cynical? Maybe. Reality. You betcha

      1. Well said. Problem is I’m 52 years old and female AND work in the Silicon Forest – Sumitomo Electric this time TTM Technologies before them and I now see no one wants to employ 52 year old women!

    3. Why do you work here? Have some self-respect and leave immediately- and TELL those corporate assholes exactly why you’re leaving. Man-up and NEVER let a bully donkey punch you like this.

  2. "Tanya" has my most sincere sympathy; as her co-workers don't seem to have her back.

    What a great team! (that's sarcasm, BTW)

    Years ago I was in her place. This was in the pre-9/11 USofA. In the days when you didn't need to show ID to get on a plane, just show your ticket (hard to believe we used to do that, isn't it?).

    I was the new employee, the first who refused to fly under the owner's name. Everyone else willing flew under his name without a peep of protest. I spoke up and said that not only is that illegal, but if the plane crashes, my family is NOT protected. I will have dissappeared from the face of the earth and my family will not be able to collect life insurance, etc. as there will be no record of me ever being on that plane.

    Well, "all hell broke loose," I was made out to be the bad guy, the new employee who refused to do his job, not a team player, etc.

    We all knew the reality of the situation was that the owner was loosing all that frequent-flyer mileage; and as far as he was concerned it was my fault.

    Oh, and where were all my co-workers in this? Nowhere, not one word out of anyone else's mouth. Zero, zip, nada was said by anyone else. I alone was the bad guy – despite the fact that they all benefited from my "protest" as, eventually, everyone flew under his/her own name.

    So, Tanya, if you're reading this – you need to look out for yourself and your co-workers be damned. They seem to be using you as their cannon fodder.

    I hope Tanya quickly finds a new job; one with teammates who have her back.

    1. wrong. a problem manager is often hated by other managers and these other managers will jump at the chance to push him or her further under the bus.

    2. The problem (Real Problem) in today’s world of big business, is the fact that when upper management puts a 25 year old college grad that studied “soup can manufacturing” for 4 years…in charge of a department for computer design (for example)…there is your problem…PERIOD!
      But hey…after all…a Soup Can Expert works cheaper than a Computer Expert. Just ask your local 7-11 Cashier! Ha!!! It’s all about money and how to proceed ahead for the year end savings bonuses…for upper management.
      Think not? Then keep complaining.

    3. I know this is an old post, but your advice is so right on. I have also been in Tanya’s place, bought the t-shirt, did the tour, and finally packed my bags and rode off into the sunset. I must have left a curse. I left four years ago and my old department has yet to find its feet again. Karma

  3. Well, in my opinion, your language seems to show that you & your group are somewhat hesitant in dealing with the situation. Perhaps you are all afraid that you may receive the same treatment that you have witnessed Tanya receiving. Or maybe you are releived to see that she is receiving the wrath, acting as a buffer between the rest of you and management. Or maybe, for the time being, her being the 'bad guy' in the eyes of the manager, may make you all look a bit better.

    It is possible that as long as Tanya is facing the brunt of the problems you and your coworkers are 'in the clear', however, not speaking up to HR and upper management as a group is really only prolonging the inevitable.

    I am not doubting that you all feel the need for action to be taken with the manager or that things have gotten bad. But sitting back 'contemplating' will not make your situation any better. Especially if upper management & HR see this as only a problem between Tanya and the manager. You will have better luck convincing them otherwise if you all approach them together!

    You are all looking elsewhere for work? If Tanya is, or has, as well (why would she stay?) she will no longer be available as that buffer, or the scapegoat, or as a 'spokesperson' for the rest of you. Gain some backbone and approach HR together. HR will be the advocate and be present during the 'big' discussion with upper mangagment. But don't be surprised if the UM takes the manager's side, so it's best to keep looking elsewhere in the meantime.

    I just went through this EXACT same scenario at my (former) job. I was Tanya (and actually AM Tanya – actual name & this story really could be about me), and to be honest, it take alot of guts to stand up to the boss when things are wrong. Unfortunately, I was the only one while everyone else sat back and hoped it wasn't going to happen to them. Now I have moved on and they are all left to feel the wrath themselves. A bad place to be for sure, but I really am not feeling bad for any of my former co-workers one bit!

    @ Charles, I HAVE moved on to a better job at a different company… in the HR department of all things! And you know what? this scenario will NEVER happen with my employees if I have anything to do with it!

    1. Thank you! I was thrown under the bus by my superior for something he did during a meeting. I sooner found out that before the incident, he warned by colleagues not to speak with me because I was “trouble”. This along with his actions at the meeting, brought onto me a deep depression that even today I cannot escape from. There were witnesses present when he made a irresponsible grave mistake. I just looked the other way , because frankly I did not want any involvement at the time. However, in his eyes I was the ” weakest link” in this group. (I was not part of his clique.) I was taken completely by surprise when he made the move against me at the meeting. I spoke up immediately and he told me to be quiet. Mind you, I never speak up to anyone at work, but I felt it was important to stop the attacks against me. My mistake was not pointing fingers at him directly because I knew he was going to charge me with insubordination. He later told the Union Rep that he “could have”. I was floored that the union did not defend me. However, it did not take me by surprised completely because it was common knowledge that they are est buddies. I went to HR , but my concerns went to death ears. The only option given to me was to place me in another location. Meanwhile, my work colleagues immediately started to avoid me when they found out that I finally spoke up from my manager’s abuses at work. I realized that my many contributions and years at the company meant nothing to them. They were younger ( the same as my manager) and camouflaged themselves into this ” Dog eat Dog” environment. I quickly left after this.Horrible experience after two decades of work in this place. Oh, by the way, I received a certificate of thanks for years of service in the mail. I threw it out with the rest of the trash.

  4. This happens everyday…in every workplace. The problem is that HR has this way of forgetting who they are really there to help. i.e. they are in place to make their organization a happy enjoyable place to work. However, HR depts. have forgot that. Instead of doing what they should be doing, they are more focused on keeping everything "hush hush", and helping current managers maintain control and power. Sad, but true…

    Similar topics will be discussed @

    1. Becky you have to be kidding, are you also a racist or sexist? You lumped every person in HR in to one group….people that have forgot what they are suppose to do…seriously?? Stereotyping is ignorant.
      The same reason it takes a while to get rid of a manager is the same reason you probably have your job. In todays world of employment litigation employers must ensure they are taking very legally defensible employment actions. This equates to often lengthy performance correction plans and time to gather proper documentation.

      1. Ha. Posted at 6:52 am.. (Granted a few years ago…) probably wrote this response while supposed to be working. HR are just another elitist who do nothing more than police a companies employees… You know, the actual people making money for the company and paying HR’s paychecks. Worthless.

      2. hi there
        BECKY and HR VP i have started working recently and the HR and the IT manager are the worst people. they just want to push people my making small issues against them and then using those issues so that everyone bows down at them.
        what i do is i completely ignore them when they are around me just a polite wish that is it. not more than that.

      3. You sound like a huge whine bag. Stereotypes are around because in general, they’re correct. I’d rather use a blanket statement in a comments section than go through the list of every possible exception to the rule and typing it out. Get over it!

      4. Um, nope. HR is not here to hold your hand and sing kumbaya. We are here to keep the boss’s butt out of the courtroom.

        1. Um, nope. That’s what lawyers are for. If you honestly think that HR are there to do a lawyer’s duty, then your role is redundant and perhaps that’s for the best.

          Hiring is broken largely because HR is bloated…in size and ego.

        2. HR stands for Human Resources. Their job is to maintain the “humans” that work for the boss and maintain records, keep the laws enforced, provide company information, payroll, benefits, etc. Keeping the boss’s butt out of the courtroom is a lawyer’s job. Yet another duty of HR to hire that lawyer.

      5. Hi there,
        Just dropping by to remind you you’re a complete and utter dick head “hr vp”!!! You people are nothing more than a handbrake on performance. You know what, without engineers an engineering company goes bust. Without HR, the same company will continue just the same. You are pointless, worthless, and completely superfluous to any workplace. No one likes you wants you or needs you, so grow the fuck up you pathetic little shit stain, and when you do, start working on growing a spine too.
        Yours sincerely

        1. I love, love, love this and it to Sumitomo
          Electric where they vilify women and praise sexist ageist foreign men who.make predatory comments about the female managers

    2. Oh yah, of course. HR’s job these days is to protect the company from you. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you!

  5. GET A GRIP!!!

    A note to the complainer…

    How did she manage to ruin your team if you were so great together previously?

    And how come you didn't confront (a creative and potentially resolving technique!) your manager right at the beginning when you began to feel unhappy?

    Empathise totally with you, know your situation can be miserable, and my experience is situations dealt with swiftly at the beginning can be nipped in the bud.

    You all need a Whack Around The Head in the best possible way!

    1. You are an idiot and have no idea what you are
      Talking about! I was a great worker putting
      In long hours, came up with process imrovement
      plan for IT. I said something about an incompetent
      Boss to HR while everyone else talked about her behind
      Her back and I was terminated!

      1. same thing happened to me, my boss wanted me to change my vacation and it was already set by my supervisor and me. so i called hr to complain and 2 weeks later im called into office to be terminated by boss..after 16 years of never being written up.. who does that anyway right before christmas.. nobody likes the boss btw

        1. sharon…one word for you…..DUMB! if you dont understand the situation then why are you researching how to complain about your boss anyway… Heaven knows do tell…..maybe your situation is horrifically worse than anyone whom dare to complain about their minor problems on here… spill your woes, maybe we can help you?????

        2. In my opinion it’s because of Sharon’s attitude many supervisors are allowed to continue in their position while the majority must suffer in silence otherwise fear the wrath of intimidation tactics by the dysfunctional supervisor. I am on the side of the workers.

    2. Oh look, another incompetent HR muppet who thinks they’re worth more than a bag of dog shit! You people are pathetic. Tell me, how is it a company can survive just fine without you, but will collapse when they lose ANY other employee? You’re pathetic, I pity the fool who sleeps next to you, he must be desperate as all hell.

  6. I am the 'Tanya' in my current situation. As a matter of fact, I just gave my notice Monday morning. This manager in my office has been a problem since she was hired and everyone in the company knows it, but she's nice to look at, so why would the older, middle aged VP fire her? I was encouraged by coworkers to file a complaint, so being the naive employee I was, I filed it 2 weeks ago.

    When I had a follow up call, I found out the same co worker who encouraged me to stand up for myself, totally backed down and even covered for my boss DESPITE all the bad mouthing she does on a regular basis. To add salt to the wound, I found out that they were digging up stuff to get reason to fire me and would have succeeded had I not already been looking elsewhere. I was offered a better position and I kid you not, the day I submitted my resignation, they looked so disappointed that I beat them to the punch! I learned a huge lesson in this and will not allow myself to be the pariah EVER again!

    1. Well done, good on you youve earned your new job and hopefully happy life….bet that day is the most proudest day of your life so far, ive never forgotten the day i walked out and started my new onwards and definitely upwards new life. i very much have always benefited in the long run for standing up for myself, the others left behind will unfortunately have to complain amongst each other as your new life is too amazing and busy busy busy prospering, sometimes you think that the world will end if you leave but having a new job prepared really really pisses them right off especially in my case when their business went into liquidation 3 months later lol

    2. I’ve worked really hard to be in the position I am now and can’t stay in the small team geographically located far from the rest of my company with my current boss and only supporter and teammate. I haven’t gone through hr yet and have gone through so many trials and thoughtful attempts to make this work. But I’m done now either way and will attempt at the end to keep what I worked hard for and take away the problem person. If it doesn’t work, I’m quitting either way. But I won’t leave without fighting for what I worked hard to create.

      I applaud everyone who rightfully stand up for themselves and their work ethic and standards. If someone else brings that down, if you’ve tried everything you can and if you can’t continue letting things be unhealthy and unprofessional
      For you and others around you, you are in the right to speak up.

      Be strong and whatever the outcome be proud of what you’ve accomplished and your efforts to maintain integrity.

      I don’t want to quit because of someone else’s failures. But if it happens that way , and in this case, not all( sometimes people are completely replaceable) but in this case they are fucked. And my efforts and records and professionalism and value will be something. In my case they are fucked. And at that point I did everything I could for myself and the company.

      I’m here because of a similar situation. And empathize. It’s very hard to see your hard work and those before and around destroyed by one person.

      1. Also, I realize that was a ramble and unedited. I’ve spent so much time and energy writing professional and thoughtful drafts and sending the emails when necessary. I’ve prepped for phone calls and imagioned a million sceneries of how to approach it. I’ve spoken with mentors and tried as hard as I can to make sure every conversation was succinct and mattered. I’m tired of it and a rant with some typos is legit.

  7. Ummm, No, Becky. It is not HR's job to make your workplace happy and enjoyable. We are there to support the mission of the business through maintaining a qualified workforce. Many things go into that, including ensuring employment laws are applied properly and consistently, recruiting and hiring candidates appropriate to the positions, and so on. If all of these things are done correctly, hopefully, the workplace will be happy.

    1. that right workers need to stop thinking that HR is their “friend’ AND see them for what they are the ENEMY! They will always be on the company’s side – right or wrong- because they like the loser co-worker that dont have your back, they just want to keep their job (in a whiny voice) HR doesn’t give a rat’s ass about employees~! Never have Never will!

      1. You are right! I went to HR to complain about my boss and she went directly to my boss and told him what I said. They are right up there with management, they cant be trusted.

      1. BiG D!cK ~~ Agreed! Boy DiD i Learn THAT! But Thankfully i Learned Early on in My Life ~ i Was VERY Young And Naive (i Thought it Would Make a Difference and i’d Be Happy Again AND Continue to Work There) WRONG!!!!! WoW…. Just Reading That i Actually Cringe and RoLL My Eyes… At My Young Self.. Pathetic.. But Truly Unfair.

  8. Another Evil HR Director….you made my point clear… HR has changed. You are correct, HR maintains a qualified work force. But how much follow up is done? We trust that the managers and directors we hire maintain a high level of integrity to make sure their section of the organization is functioning properly. But do you actually make sure that is correct? HR does have the responsibility to make sure the high expectations and promises made during an interview became reality. You can take credit for hiring the most “qualified and spectacular” candidate…but you also have to take the responsibility when you made the wrong choice. The biggest flaw comes with evaluations, and yearly competencies. The majority of organizations use programs that are valuable, but the same every year. How often do you get a personal visit for someone to physically look with their own eyes, and listen with their own ears?? HR was established to maintain and support the mission of the organization, and one of those missions is what I said. HR is complex field, including many changing laws, and statistics; but you are there to control. Make yourself available. Sometimes an employee needs to go to someone for answers, help, and advice. If they can get that from their manager, Great. But in the above scenario it sounds like the manager was the issue.

  9. Becky, you wrote initially that HR is "in place to make their organization a happy enjoyable place to work." This actually isn't right; HR is there to support the business goals of the company. Generally speaking, having happy employees is in the best interests of the company, but it's actually not HR's job to do that. HR is there to ensure that the company is following employment law, that compensation policies support their goals, that personnel and hiring practices are effective, etc. If the company is well-managed, most good employees will be happy (most poor ones may not be). But that's not the point of why they're there.

    I write this as a hiring manager, not an HR person myself, but I think you'd find few competent hiring managers or HR people who would agree with you.

    1. HR Reps, I see that you are defending your position but I do not see where you have offered any advice as to where do employees go for help. The only advice I ever see HR provide is for them to find another job. I am sure that you all have been in the shoes of those that are reaching out for help. If not, keep living because the table can be turned very easily. Instead of firing back at the employees, use that energy to assist them.

      1. Yes . . . why are no solutions ever offered outside of seeking other employment? This solves nothing, ever.

  10. This is an interesting post.. we have been having problems with one of our supervisors.. some of the complaints are legitimate and some are not. At any rate, we are looking for a solution without firing anyone. We are considering using supervisor training courses online.. have anyone else used these? Thoughts?

    1. Included in your training Anger Management, does kind of manager, They Never receive love, they are so without power, and when they have the opportunity to have it, they abuse. they do not love them self. And yes, you have rights civil right for employees. civil law sue, Lawyers , they are not out of the hook. Law is in top of them, No harassment or sexual harassment, not abuse, document everything, they abuser, looking after them only, and using other either with treats or kissing the boss ass.

  11. This has been an interesting read so far but seems to fall short on it's topic. Now lets get back on topic please, how to get your boss fired? Any ideas?

  12. To give more training to an itot is the dumbest thing i've heard. most companies today have no common sense. they want good moral, but keep itiots on that are tyrants and fire the good people. if there are any complaints against a manager- they need to go. Quit covering up for crapping leadership and whacko's that you are afraid to fire.

    1. good post this is the problem exactly !!!
      This is 2014, pc age etc.. yet HR and Management continue to perform like the robots that the “DEGREE” taught them.
      Sadly the degree taught them absolutely no people skills, love, respect, values or anything that should be required for the 21st century….
      My dog has these skills BTW!
      If you don’t have common sense.. then you need to go to school for that before you can apply for all the different college degrees you intend to obtain.

  13. My boss is an idiot. Couldn’t do his job to save his life. He spelled scenrio with a C…..cenerio and decent with an I…. Dicent. See what I mean. He claims to have a college degree but I doubt it. He is only in the position he is in because of the people he knows. He has three HR complaints ….another submitted tomorrow. He is a delegator, always trying to pass off his work to others. Hands out specisl assignments to the weakest members on the team because of favoritism…. and ass kissing. Just a total waste of office space. His boss is his someone he worked with in the past so I treat this case with special care…… But ive been known to fuck a few past bosses up using HR…:) Let the games begin dumb, dumb!

    1. um . .

      Scenario IS spelled with a “C”, you spelled it wrong, and you didn’t need to use profanity to make your point.

      1. Wrong. The above poster specifically said his boss spelled scenario with a “c”…scenario. Read it again.

  14. P.s. Keep calling HR untill you feel you have someone who is listening to you, dont go into detail if you dont think they are because they ARE documenting you and you dont want to keep calling around with the same problem. If you find one that will listen, make sure you have your case written down. Nothing worse then losing what you were going to say in the heat of the moment and sounding like you are making it up over the phone. Also NEVER yell at or get ugly with HR it will de-credit you. They are tired of being on the phone and getting complaints all day, be courteous , get to the point yet be detailed and stay proffessional.

  15. This sounds exactly like the James Austin Company where we have a couple of incompetent,useless so called supervisors and a brown misinformation plant manager who is not capable of anything in his job description.

  16. I got a supervisor fired by just lying to HR that she sexually harrassed me and try to get me to sleep with her so I dont have to do certain. I made that all up just to get that bitch out. I hate bitches who bully employees especially me. Its the only way to rid a bad manager. And if its a guy manager do the same thing. Embarrassed the asshole and make everyone think hes gay. That will sure piss him off after hes fired.

  17. I have taken time to read the comments of everyone on this blog and as a H R manager,I will add on my professional advice.
    In the first instance,it is the job of H R to create an enabling work environment between employers and employees.
    The only way H R can do this is through job description,employment laws,training and follow up
    Remember H R is concerned with human activities and remember also that human beings are difficult to please,no matter how hard you try.
    Employees. Who refute team work should be queried for insurbodination,and summarily dismissed on grounds of insurbodination if the problem persists.

    1. The issue is a manager treating employees badly, not employees behaving in an insubordinate manner. You sound like a martinet, insufferable fool.

      1. WoW ~ I Was Reading Chins Comment and Thinking.. Ok Wait ~ What? Ummm No. I Didn’t Just Read That..
        So Chin Just Validated the Seriousness
        of the Issues that Employees Have with HR.
        Do NOT Minimize the Issue!

  18. Speaking from a very fresh experience!
    Do not go to HR about your boss ever! Unless he is already bad and underperforming in his role.
    My boss threw stuff at us, called us names etc we all complained about him to our HR manager who we trusted and it all came down on us like bricks! You see he is fantastic at his job. But he has a feral temper and treats his staff terribly. HR protected him. 2 have been performance managed until they quit. I have an awesome opportunity for a new job tomorrow. Wish me luck so I can get the hell out too!

  19. A new store manager came in 5 weeks ago, she suspended me 2 weeks ago, after taking me in for investigation. This investigation involved a few issues of which I admit where issues, BUT, the rest of our management team have left the store with the same issues. The manager has also put me on the rota for days, hours I requested off, I feel she has actively tried to wind me up in the days leading up to my investigation. Un fortunately during the investigation I swore at her, now I could be sacked, what can I do to prove I was set up for a fall ?

  20. Going to HR is a waste of time the mgr always finds out or HR gives them clues about who complained. My bully boss has a bliody dossier from five years of complaints but she still manages. Even when I pointed out things she’s done to put the co. at risk it didn’t matter.

  21. By reading through above situations, it looks like Hr and management goes hand-in-hand, covering up.
    Managers seems to be giving all BS about control and getting work done and making complainer sound a odd-person-out.

    In fact, these are the biggest criminals, sloppy/incompetent managers and incompetent HRs …no stereotyping here, but unfortunately always had bad experiences with HR folks.

    1. Things are going to be changing soon. It is sad that people have endured years of abuse, bullying, harassment etc etc without recourse. Technology comes into play here and
      finally some of the “Good Ol’ Boy/Gal and HR team are going to come to a halt.

      It seriously today (2014) is like a wild west movie from the 70’s. Gunslingers, thieves, liars, etc… Yet all going on in front of your face.

      Time for these types of “BULLYS” to be called out…… be aware there are several different types of bullies.. some hide their ways , some don’t and some do both..

      They target the best employees.. and yet HR protects them… so double edge sword….

      if they didn’t cut your throat….. be ware they will try to make you do it your self….
      on this subject.. there are many terrible suicide story’s of the ones that were too afraid to speak up.

      In the meantime web search the anti bullying institute
      as well as causes…..get involved…. only way to protect our great country!

      1. Yes, in fact I made that comment above.. but at this point, I can not even say my name for fear of retaliation….whatever that would be…..

        (enough is enough)

        1. Sounds scary. All should remember HR supports management period! I have been on both sides and the only time HR wrecks the management is in the event upper mgt wants it. Do not trust your colleaques as they will sell u out if it means their job

  22. Why does the Evil HR Lady post a letter but not give a response and only rely on others to post replies.

    She needs to do her job!

  23. I am going through a worker comp claim regarding the constant harassment and bullying by my supervisor. I even had to get a doctor’s note so she would not have any direct contact with me which she went against because he boss told her to come to me. But her boss also knows of this because I gave them both the doctor’s mot. But since the note said it is recommended that she have no direct contact with me, they said that she could. Long story short, I am trying to get transferred to another department but I was note indirectly that now I was the trouble maker and it might be hard to place me. Wow. Management sticks together I see. I am going to contact my union rep to see what I can do, because I fear retaliation from them I might loose my job I have had with the State for 40 years and I am near retirement. How hard is it to be nice instead of having this mess going on when it could have been avoided if Management would have stepped in sooner. I was even on stress leave for 5 weeks and came back to the same harassment by my supervisor.

  24. The stress that one endures from bullying by managers/superiors/co workers etc… and that it is tolerated in the year 2014 is ….. Well no words for that….

    The time is now… to quit arguing/discussing/ asking for help/hiding/covering it up/ running scared/ developing adrenaline fatigue and then thinking you will get help on a blog. The time is past due to take these complaints to legislation.(HR ha-ha) To get anti bullying, workplace incivility,harassment laws passed and in full force with swift judgment for those that don’t follow the law.
    I could go on and on about the issues.. but at the very least… HR is there for the company and the cover ups are there. It is going to take an army of those that are fed up with this and the lies to end it.
    For those that are interested there are anti- bullying websites around though legislation is needed to get some laws passed.
    Get involved now as the “SOONER the BETTER”
    peace for all with a heart and soul…..
    If you don’t have that….then you need to get it/ find it or else

    It is known as the “Silent killer” according to many including Oprah.

    The time to end this is now… terrorism from within or the outside should not be tolerated any longer!

    QUIT protecting the EVIL people..
    It is so simple it is sickening.

    1. Right on!!! It’s terrorism, I totally agree. A group of few start terrorizing a person and destroy his/her life and livelihood.

      We need to start putting these HR managers in jail. Once few of them end up there, the rest will learn a lesson.

  25. My workplace is terrorized by a bully site manager who is a level above all of our direct managers. This man has thrown objects, hammer holes in the walls with objects and laid hands on people. Screaming is a regular occurrence whenever he’s around. I have been screamed at for walking to the break room to get a cup of coffee by this person (about 3 minutes away from my desk). Some of his comments that I’ve reported to HR include: “I hate people who complain”, “Do they have electricity where you come from?” (spoken to an employee who came from Mexico), “I’ll keep all of you a##holes here 24 hours a day until this is done”, “I carry a 9 mil in my truck”, “None of this $hit gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, and I’m about to put my boot in someone’s a$$”

    We started filing complaints with HR both at the site and at HQ. The result was that all of us were labeled as troublemakers, just like everyone here has mentioned would happen. So far, we’ve lost more than 10 people due to the stress that occurs when you’re required to enter a workplace ruled over by someone like this.

    I put in my resignation after seeing nothing would happen to stop this harassment. They even asked me why I was leaving. I explained that this site manager has made the workplace intolerable and that the company has not acted on the complaints of multiple employees. Even HR has witnessed this man violating company policy!

    To make matters even worse, my resignation was not accepted. They want me to stay in my role until they can find a replacement and I can train them. Obviously, the bully manager is now zeroing in directly on me.

    It’s absolutely mind-blowing that a company values an imbecile manager over the entire engineering department. HR is not on your side unless you’re part of the management in-crowd.

    1. You don’t have to stay. They don’t get to choose to reject your resignation. Tell them that you’ll be leaving on X date and then go.

      1. Evil HR Lady You are correct. But you should point out it could affect references. Your advice is therefore severe and uninformed as to after life. But being evil this fits in well

    2. bullied
      do one thing beat the crap out of him, if he yells you ignore him. if he abuses you, say something bad to him , if that doesn’t help take the fight outside and beat the crap out of him.

  26. I have been somewhat outcast and harassed by a coworker and manager in our small department of 4. The manager meant to send a nasty text message about me to the coworker that harasses me. They are in cahoots and previously worked together. The message basically ran down a work scenario and was ended with “She better not f@$k with me!” I have been trying to find another job, but would I have a hostile workplace case if I were to resign? I am planning on going to HR in the morning since I have proof with the text message.

  27. Yep.Same is happening to me in the Civil Service. I tried to work with a totally incompetent manager who moved from another area where his old team carried him. I began trying to offer coaching to help him learn the job. I appealed to senior management to put in additional checks until he is up to speed. My teams can’t stand the guy and have no respect for him. He celebrates people’s mistakes and ignores their achievements. I spoke to the director about him and now I’m being made to look like the trouble maker.HR are siding with management. I went home sick today and am thinking of asking the doctor to sign me off as I can’t face work tomorrow. Confidence is shot to pieces.

  28. I have never been a high level manager or HR employee, mostly just a rank-and-file employee. However, I have had positions that put me where I was responsible for investigating employees. In my opinion managers and HR staff only work as well as their integrity allows. Unfortunately not many I worked with had much. I found managers (married and single) who were romantically involved with HR staff which allowed the manager to treat employees how she pleased without HR worries. I found managers and HR staff who hung out at the same bars and, after several alcoholic beverages, would begin openly talking about “problem employees” and how to get rid of them (this is where integrity should come into play). You name it and I’ve seen the scenario. After doing this for many years I came to my own conclusion that most problems that occur are from basic immature behaviors that we all should have left in high school…but sadly don’t. Favoritism, racism, scorn employees passed over for promotion, so many things go into why these problems exist in the workplace. In my experience it was mostly supervisors who were forced to take Anger Management and, my favorite (sarcasm), Sensitivity Training. None of those classes ever do any good and for one reason…the people who need them don’t care. If they did care they most likely wouldn’t need the classes in the first place. But, usually those classes are used as a prerequisite to termination. The company wants to show they made an effort to give the person a chance. What I most hated to investigate was retaliation claims. So many are hard to prove. Experienced supervisors know how to sidestep this. The ones that were most apparent were employees that, up that point, had exemplary work history with the company. Again, and this is my opinion, what really needs to happen in this case is the supervisor who is retaliating should just take a good long look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves why they are doing it. If that supervisor is the one who did something wrong and that’s why s/he is retaliating, then s/he has an integrity issue. I also found that many problem employees, whether they were supervisors or just a “grunt” employee, could have been avoided in the first place if they had been vetted better prior to hire. Some companies are desperate at the time and others were just plain too lazy to call their references. Problem employees usually don’t just become problems overnight. They leave a trail. Granted, some companies will say wonderful things about someone when a new employer calls them just to get rid of them. There are usually clues about these people if only they were properly vetted. Well, I digress slightly. Human nature plays a big part of employee issues. I have always lived by the mantra of ‘leave home problems at home, and leave work at work’. I refuse to talk shop outside of the workplace as well. Other peoples’ problems are just that…theirs’. I really don’t want to know about the problems, unless it’s my job. One of my biggest pet peeves that so many supervisors are guilty of is not letting an employee know about their work-related shortcomings until their evaluation time. To me that’s a setup. If an employee doesn’t know that s/he is doing something wrong then how can they fix it? That seems like a supervisor who doesn’t like confrontation, in which case they shouldn’t be one. But that’s pretty rotten to do to someone. I actually had one supervisor tell me about one employee who was always doing something wrong. It was just one item but it was pretty important. I knew the employee and he was a pretty nice guy…genuinely kind. I asked the supervisor if he had told the employee that he was doing it wrong. Nope! To my amazement his answer was, “No, I’m giving him lots of rope so I can hang him good and get rid of him.” As it turned out the supervisor had a relative in mind for that position. The guy that did have the position had a child with Downs Syndrome and really needed the job. Now I had first hand knowledge that he was being set up to fail. I didn’t allow that to go any further. Integrity, people…integrity! There’s so little of it any more.

  29. It’s true, they’ll Fire the employee before they think of looking into this horrible boss. It’s so sad but I’ve witnessed this on many occasions.
    It sucks for me.

  30. HR is NOT in anyway in existence for the Employee – it exist & is paid for by the Company to protect the Company – the entity that protected workers was called a ” Union ” ……. I have never been pro Union – but maybe we’ve reached a point where the Workers are being abused & it’s time to re consider

  31. If you truly have nothing to lose ( as in you know you will eventually be terminated anyway ), you absolutely need to file a complaint.

    The complaint with HR is absolutely necessary and serves the purpose of legal evidence used in a trial in a court of law.

    If you do not file the complaint with HR, where is the evidence to pursue a legal case? It indicates silence is acceptance ( of their actions ).

  32. My boss threw a pen at my face in a meeting. So I called hr. The VP of hr told me that he could do something about it but it would make things worse for me. Then another boss threatened to kill me three different times for taking pictures of contaminated product. I told my boss about it and he laughed. You have more than likely consumed some of the product. Sorry, I tried to make them fix it.

  33. Sigh! Well, I am a manager at a store that is family owned! Since I was promoted last December, all I have had to do was defend myself against the employees! See, I had an emergency that caused me to leave the store 6 mos after working there. I was gone roughly 4 mos. & was being looked at for management before I left. Upon returning, another store gad opened up & the store I was working for gad hired about four new employees & 4 previous employees were gone. I guess you can say those I was used to working with. Between the two stores, 15 new employees. I was so proud of the company & expressed that to Since I have been w/ the company(even before I left & before management). I have gad two cookouts which most Most* of the Co workers attended!

  34. Continued…I have had a luncheon the employees attended & even threw a Superbowl shing ding the Employees(team) asked* me to have. I was obliged! Each employee & others at different locations has said something to me about how positive I am or how they like the way I think out of the box for the company. & myself. Has called me for advise at least twice! Once at 11:00 at night.and. it had nothing to do.with the job! Now comes the promotion! All of a sudden, the same team doesn’t want me saying anything to them about the job that they ALREADY know about they say! When I try to empiment policy the right way, they want to argue w/ me & then tell the boss that I approached them wrong!!!! One of the new hires whom I have Helped* get a management position right after I did! Told me that the team is acting a not jealous of me because of my aspirations & the life experiences I speak about. He also went as far as to tell me that before I came back. He and a few others on the team had already heard about me & some don’t like ne already so be prepared for it! It doesn’t help that the STORE MANAGER* is the bosses Sister* who has been gunning for my head thru. Other employees. Every chance she gets she is slandering my name and undermining everything I suggest and do. I have taken the Servsafe test & scored over 91% . Also,

  35. Continued….I have taken first aid & CPR thru the company. When I approach staff to convey out of the ServSafe. The response is, this is the way I been doing it. I was the lead manager the last two times the health inspector was at the business and we scored an A*! I went around letting water out of sinks, tossing cups w/ no names on them. Spoke w/ team quickly to let them know she was in the building. I’ve done catering for the company that went beyond their wildest dreams & they have expressed that to me & wanted yo speak more to me in the future about upping the way they cater! Then, there is the sister thing again. She has downgraded me so bad tgat a team that I was once so close with doesn’t even speak to me now! When we hire, I am nit apart of the interview process & the one person I did interview, told me that the store manager already told him about me! During the interview! !! Upon working w/ me, he conveyed how I was a strong willed individual, he’s glad he got to meet me himself & commends me for holding my head high because its obvious that half the ppl in the job don’t like me because all they do is talk about me and the store manager* is always the ring leader! Smh. I don’t get it! I am 37 and she is 27! I have four children & have gad a long journey in life alone! So if I operate in my own greatness after all I have been thru, who is anyone to be upset. I know who I am & operate in it! My boss(her brother) has told me to my face that I have a different type ofa attitude about ppl & life that he gas never seen & he loves it. Went as far as to tell me that what I have can’t be taught & I don’t strike him as a robot only to turn around and tell me to tone down (down play myself) who I am after speaking w/ his sister! I love the company I work for, I really do! I respect the way the company started & how much it has grown! I have cried many nights about this. Started having anxiety attacks upon arrival or getting ready for work. This comes in the wake of The boss telling me two weeks ago all in one breath. That he’d rather give me time to get another job than fire me, he’d rather demote me & just make me an awesome team member, & he’d hate for me to lose my job and can’t affordeent & take care of my daughter. See has helped me out a few times w/rent so I viewed them as threats to my position, my job overall, moreover, my livelyhood!! I’ve been there 4 years now!! We gave gad 8 new hires in a 28 day period which were not involved in the evaluation two weeks ago because they have just been hired. In the store that I work in, there are only 5 team members left that have been there a year or 17 years! They did the evaluations. One employee has stayed w/ me for almost two tears because I could not see Ger sleeping in the cold! She’s been there 17 years! She even cried when UT was time

  36. Continued…when it was time for her to move out & said she liked staying w/ me & didn’t want to move! How about I got the worst reveiw from her! Smh!! So the evaluation were up to 5.0…I received a 4.7! The three percent I didn’t get was due to my approach to team members! Tgat was kind if puzzling & funny at the same time! You see, they have been saying Only this! Since I upgraded to management! Before that! I was the coolest person in the job! The team ALWAYS wanted to come over. Even on an off day! Half of the new hires we gave hired 28 days ago, don’t ask me anything & don’t say anything to me. I have to do my job so when it requires, I do ask questions & speak up but its very limited because I know that the STORE MANAGER* has already planted her seeds in them. Before the crew that blantly quit speaking to ne did. A few if them did tell me that she don’t like ne because she fears I will get her position. I never Alex fir it nor am I seeking it behind her back tho’. What us Ger problem w/me. As a matter if fact, I gad a party & a few team members showed up! One team member(who don’t speak w/me anymore btw) was responsible for beverages & since they had already been over a few times before, was comfortable to take their shoes off. The Store manager ended up coming over w/ 3 girls from the new store that DONT LIKE ME (they have stated even months before coming over & I barely knew). I let them in because I’m friendly & really wanted all if us to get along. Why did I do that? The Store manager* whom I used to think was a genuine person, started looking around my home & watching everyone having a nice time& started talking down on me in my own home w/ the 3 girls(girls!) She came with! The comfortable team member I was telling you all about at the party asked if they could get anyone a beverage of the four new additions to the get together & the/Our store manager starts saying, this isn’t your house & why is your shoes off? Oh you guys are tgat cool? The other team members response was yes! Are you mad? After it was all said & done, part over. The team member says Nan, these folk are jealous of you & I bet gonna try & get you fired! Only to jump on the same bandwagon a week or two later! Now cones this approach thing again! If my approach was the slightest bit mean or any of the sort, why would they continuously want to be around me after work? How can a Co worker stay w/ me for two two years & cry when its time to move? I told my boss there is something bigger going on here & maybe he sweeps UT under the rug because that’s his sister but she has been in court twice for unfair treatment it just didn’t stick! My job has become harder & harder upon her arrival last November! I used to write inspirational quotes on the board that even the customers would take pics w/ their phones & put them on social sites such as FB, etc. When id leave work, she erased them & talked about me because if it! We gad a manager walk out last tear because she kept undermining her to the point the team started doing the same & all that woman was doing was get the store on track & the ambiance back!! For God’s sake, a guy came in fir a meeting w/ the boss but he was running late(boss) I offered the guy a drink twice. The third attempt, I just made him a coke & told him that my boss us running a little late & do except the drink on the house. When my boss showed up, I noticed after an hour that they were both looking at me. Startled, I turned around. I have a discerning spirit so I knew they were discussing me. Turns out the guy my boss had the meeting with said to him in all his years of customer service, he has never met a more pleasant IR helpful person. I have been offered 8 different job offers from their customers* alone due to my service. One job I excepted because it didn’t interfere with my job. I only walked away because a manager at the store I’m at WALKED OUT! & NY loyalty* was w/ the company I work for. So something is not right. I am becoming depressed over the situation and had to be off three days last week due to anxiety! I guess you can’t Sue over jealousy & poor management from the top. What do I do? I have sent my boss a lengthy email & rather than address the issue head on. He turned it on me & now I am the problem! They are documenting anything they can on me & I know its to get rid of me! I used to love love this job! Tears! It’s becoming a nightmare. I don’t think my boss liked when I conveyed that to him. Would n e of this he considerd slander IR defamation? They talk about my approach but EVERYTIME* I ask a team member to do anything, its in the form of a favor! & it really shouldn’t have to be that way! I asked one of the girls from another store that came to help us out one day to do a station media at the end of her shift(another manager from the other store) as oppossed to a z report & her response was so rude that I just walked away because it was about to get ugly quick as I have no problem defending my honor when required! Approach tho’ Smh! Another time, just last Monday, a friend if that employee from the Other* store came to our store to drop off a new hire(her sisters boyfriend) that just started at our store. When she walked in spoke to EVERYONE* with respect & a smile! Nit me tho’! She individual spike everyone’s name but me! Not that I cared! But when I said Hey”. Her response was rudely “THATS ALL YOU SEE”. I just looked at her & yet again, walked away. At that pint I went to the back of the restaurant & shed a tear because I thought I was about to lose my HIV having to protect myself. Yet again, MY APPROACH* I think another reason I’m nit well liked us because I’m 5 feet, 98 pounds soak & wet and refuse to be bullied & they know that if they know nothing else! I feel Luke my boss that always says he has my back, DOESN’T! I’m not hus sister but I am human! I’m also hurt behind this. One new hire tried to fight me & had been w/the company 14 days all because I asked her not to break the tea urns down at 9 because we don’t close until 9 30 & potential customers wont think we are closed when they walk in(I’m a customer focused manager period). Her response was ooh, ooh you bet not say nothing else to me! I already know what I’m doing & you didn’t train me! I spike q/ my boss the next morning at 8 o’clock in the morning. By 4 that afternoon we were having a mtng*! His solution, we shouldn’t work together fir a while! Wow! One of my standing managers would have never gotten a slap in the dace like that! That new/bad hire would have been terminated. Needless to say, a week from the day if that meeting, the manager that I HELPED GET PROMOTED, had an issue w/ her & then (same day) she was terminated! So no, my boss does nit have my* back! I have done alit w/&for this company & I really do have a suit on a whole other level! See the dad that owns the company has tried to kiss me, he is constantly brushing * up against me, has picked me up from behind & startled me! & my boss (his Son) was walking thru the door & saw him. He asked three times dad why did you Puck her up like that. His dad never responded. I often feel uncomfortable when he’s around but I have said nothing be aide I really valued my job & I don’t want to be a nasty human because the sister us sabotaging me. I don’t know what to do!!! Its to much drama and fuckery going on & I have no one to stand fir nor with me! Your feed back is appreciated & my apologies for the typos. I know you’ll at least get the just of it. Also, somwdata it’s ok q/ the staff until she walks in the door, then they start acting towards me the way they feel she wants them to! HELP!!

  37. This is a terrible story. It should not happen to any human being. You don’t deserve this appalling treatment.. It seems to me is that the only way out for you is to cut your losses and leave. These horrible people will not change.

    Resign now. This will give you instant relief.

    Don’t worry about finding another job yet. Your confidence and self-esteem are so destroyed you probably can’t think clearly enough to get your resume in order.

    In a plane crash situation, you need to get out of the burning plane as the top priority. Once you are out of the plane and your life is safe you can start looking for your luggage, or plan to continue on your destination. You are in a burning plane. Get out!!!

    Once you have left the job where people are taking advantage of your kind nature you can look for another job. Kindness and generosity are often seen by (stupid, selfish) people as weakness. If people see what they think is weakness they will attack like a pack of dogs.

    In my 35 year working history, this is what I have learned: There are a few (very few) good people in management, HR and employees. Most are greedy, spiteful people who hide this until they can get away with indulging it. Then if there is a “Tanya” or someone else who can be scapegoated, they will all jump on the band wagon. They do this because they get a mob mentality. The mob has turned on you and you need to escape.

    Evil HR Lady, I have no doubt that there are many cases of competent HR people of integrity who have been mobbed out of their job by their HR bosses because they are “different” (i.e. have professional integrity). Can you comment?

    Anonymous guest: Leave now. You cannot win this. You do not deserve this.

  38. Sadly I have been thrown into the HR world and never in my life have I witnessed the amount of beurocracy and circular thinking as I have been subjected to since working here. My boss is a waste of space, hires b level analysts to feel better about herself and calls 4 hour meetings every day. To make up the time and actually get work done, I work 60 hours a week, no overtime. When I log off at 9:30 to 10:30pm, I re receive a text message to inquire about some email from last week’s completed issue or project so that my boss can exert more power over my already destroyed existence. She loves to hear her own voice and is cruel!

    1. Log your overtime and keep the info at home. If you see a violation of law that is serious; do a writeup and send it to yourself by registered mail. Don’t open it, but keep a copy to identify what each letter contains. I did this and one time met my boss and his wife at the post office. I don’t know whether he noticed what I was doing or not, but didn’t care.

  39. Complaining as Tanya tried to do, will more than likely leave me and my b analyst team jobless, although we all feel persecuted equally.

  40. The bottom line is to separate the boss from the group. Firing doesn’t have to be the core requirement. What people I know have done in the past is to get, or fabricate, a resume for these clowns and circulate a really well written letter to jobs and web sites. Use this person’s work email address so the IT people see replies to jobs come across and let nature take its course. Either fired or hired elsewhere.

    Have fun.

  41. Take back America. Every job has a manager you want to punch in the head, maybe even a co -workers. Just take a deep breathe and think some day everyone here will dead, is a job worth giving 100% HELL NO, but you do it for money. Companies are 90% money and 10% employee happiness. I like to point out to everyone that America was built on the backs off us, the only people who became rich were the ones that fucked everyone else over. Look at street names and office buildings in your state, those names are the people that Shaped American and made millions off the backs of its employees. Good job America we support slavery and rape and murder, the worst part of that is that now we work for those companies.

  42. I’ve been working at my job as a material handler that supplies the production line we are assigned to give out parts for the product that the company manufactures for about 5 years now and in the position I am in we have a new manager that took the place of the previous one I had to split up his responsibilities in two different departments that work together. Everything up until then was going smoothly and no problems arose with the old manager. Everyone thinks he was great. The new manager is a complete asshole for lack of better words. He always walks around the production floor and looks for each of us(material handlers) to make sure we are doing our job and makes it verbally known so everyone else can hear him say why aren’t you doing anything. Basically he makes everyone uneasy and they try to avoid him. He called an emergency meeting over a label that was mixed up and accidentally put on a product but was immediately caught and removed before it was packaged and sent out for shipping. It’s an easy mistake as there are different kinds of labels that look pretty much the same. Material handlers place these labels in a bin for the operator at that station. During this meeting he showed his anger visibly by his body language and movements and used some very unprofessional words to describe his disatisfaction and frustration like the use of F*ck and F*cking in a threatening and demeaning tone and even said he would fire some people as that issue has happened in other ares not just the area I work on. He said excuse my language but still he should know that he shouldn’t have said it. I was as one of two people who where being held accountable for the wrong label. During lunch the frustration and stress I get from him got to be too much and I started hyperventilating and felt my chest start to hurt and my body felt kind of numb. I checked my blood pressure and it was really high and when I got back to my station I had a full on anxiety attack which subsided after about half an hour and my coworkers where worried about me. The next day I called in sick because I couldn’t sleep the night before and I couldn’t keep a calm body or mind. I haven’t felt the same ever since and everytime I see him I get more and more angry and irritated. I have never felt that way about anything or anyone before. I’m not the only one who hates him it’s all of the other material handlers and our leads except one of them who is pretty much the same as him do. He really needs to get fired or get his ass kicked. Simple as that. That kind of behavior from a manager is unacceptable in my opinion and it shows that he doesn’t know how to do his job properly and his skills are lacking.

  43. My boss owns a large franchise in Nova Scotia. I truly believe now after a year of working with her that she is insane and totally crazy. She is constantly yelling at me (and co-workers in front of other staff), and she uses fowl language at us. I swear she sounds like she’s a man working on the docks lol. She calls me stupid, and tells me I’m a horrible human being. When I explain to her how shocked I am at what she’s saying about me, and what has brought this on she lets me know that it’s a big waste of time talking to me. I proceed to let her know how taken back I am and try to talk calmly to her. She lets me know that I’m patronizing her and again and again repeats to me that I’m not a nice person. This isn’t a one time incident, this happens on a regular basis.

    I know other co-workers have quit many times through out the years, but always return because the money is good. I’m stuck here folks and not sure which way to turn. I also believe if I speak out that I’ll be thrown under the bus as most of my co-workers rely on this job due to them being single parents or desperate for the cash. I’m in a little better situation, but for me It’s still a struggle.

    I don’t know what to do. I’m currently seeking other employment and I’m out to buy a tape recorder to catch her abuse red handed.

    Please help as I’m at my wits end.

  44. Hello,
    My boss is a jealous person; he does not like to see any one succeed, he feels threatened by his own employees’ success and accomplishments; I work in an orgnization so he’s not a bussniess owner. all the work I do, he takes and submits under his name, in performance evaluation he always gives me the meet expectations. Although my work is abviously the best through all the year.

  45. It is amazing how we have the same problems at our work place. It was a good place to work, but a new boss has made it terrible for everyone under her. Hundreds of employees have lost their morale. Is a signed petition, to the owner, or to the top executives, a possible solution? Being labelled a troublemaker and ganged up on is a danger. These tyrant managers need to be stopped, now. We should have a rate my boss website, and with their name on there. It is a small world, let everyone know how evil they are.

  46. You can’t get your boss fired.
    I’ve seen them:
    Literally kill people-
    Work with an expired license-
    Cost the organization thousands
    And still not get fired. They always make something up, and it always involves blaming you.
    The difference between you and a boss is that the boss got there because s/he is a narcissist; they deserve everything and you are insignificant.
    The number one advantage is THEY CONTROL THE FACTS. They could say you swore at them, you didn’t come in yesterday, your output was poor, you don’t get along with anyone, and the favorite: they’re afraid of you.
    None of it is true, but after your coworkers see you walked out, none of them are going to take any chances.
    These people are better at lying than you are at telling the truth.
    The very best you could hope for is to call 911 if the boss is going berserk and hope to get some on tape- Then you can have a police report and claim you’re afraid of a workplace massacre.
    Short of that, they’ll just suck up to their narcissistic superiors and nothing works like stoking an ego.
    Whatever you do, don’t say ANYTHING. They will develop further lies designed to counter what you said.

  47. This is my situation. I am working to a company who one year ago open a new facility in an other country so they relocate me to the facility. After couple weeks I notice some problems with safety and processes so I spoke to my current manager about these issues and these problems not my company’s policy. He’s reaction was here we do it with my way and I don’t care about company’s policy I’m the boss here so from that day he change he’s behaviour and make everyone let’s say to hate me. I ask who is the hr but because it’s a small business we do not have so I went to my manager again asked him about who is the hr here and he told I am everything here I asked him again I want to speak to my boss at the headquarters and he responded to my question that they do not have any othority in here I’m the boss. So I silence the days was passing and the problems going biggest not only safety and processes but violence harassment discrimination even my life in danger. Until one day my company publish a third party anonymous report if you want to report something. I said this my change. So I make a report with everything and anyone. The response was immediately and now the hr manager from company is coming for an inspection. My report was anonymous but I think they can find who write this. The hr asked my to write a confidential letter and they want to know everything straight from me. I explain also that here we do not have hr department and everything going to my manager and that’s why I didn’t inform you. My question and I need your help is
    Should I tell the truth about the anonymous report it was me?
    Am I going to get fire?
    What you think is going to happen to me.

    I’m a hard worker even in this situation they know that I saved them many times and I result many problems they had but….. you know. I have witness and they going to defend me.

    What do you think.
    Thank you.

  48. You say your open to salvage and yet the bottom line is you want her fired. Sounds like you are the one not open to agreement.


    1. Educate yourself. Part of your tax dollars are used to operate the many many state and federal government agencies that exist to support the mission of the U.S. Constitution and your RIGHTS. They a) create laws, b) enforce the law. So pay yourself back. Go to the web, upload and learn. Are you familiar with the United States Constitution? Read the very FIRST part of it. These are YOUR RIGHTS – you have to work to make them work for YOU, ’cause ain’t nobody else gonna do that for you. Go to websites:, Fair Labor Act, Title VII, and on and on. Become familiar with legal terms and laws that will HELP YOU, i.e. “hostile work environment”, “sexual discrimination”, “harassment”, “negligent retention”, “failure to supervise”, “disparate treatment” and so on. When you know what these WORDS really mean, you empower yourself. You will then know when you’re at work, if and how you are being discriminated against. Nearly all of these and other websites contain directions and forms on how to file Complaints ANONYMOUSLY. I say, “Have no fear, kick ’em in the rear!” Don’t wait to file Complaints if your HR Department won’t listen and won’t act on your behalf. Why? Because there are FILING DEADLINES. Meaning, you only have a limited number of days to file your Complaint-each Agency has it’s own rules as to how many days you have to file. You miss the deadlines and you are S.O.L., and lose your right to file. Most of the government websites can be read in different languages.

    2. EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN PHYSICALLY ABUSED MUST CALL THE POLICE. Yup, right now, right at work. Call 911 and let the police arrest the abuser and-or write up a report. Your boss will likely be fired on the spot. Otherwise, have a nice day in COURT. Now you’ve got an official record of their abuse and that’s what YOU NEED. In any case, he/she won’t last long after that. You’ll feel liberated when the police show up in front of everyone to deal with this as_hole. And by the way, don’t you watch Judge Judy? Haven’t you seen Star Wars, Return of the Jedi? Use your “FORCE”. FEAR is the positive force that God gave us so we can PROTECT OURSELVES. You must use the gift of fear IMMEDIATELY, if anyone touches you in any way against your will. Google the meaning of “BATTERY”. Just type in, meaning: “Battery”. Call anonymously to an online counselor, this service is usually free, just google. Talk to your friends, family, husband, wife. Walk down to your local police station and ask to talk to an officer or the Chief. P.O.’s can be your friend in cases of abuse at work – THEY’VE SEEN EVERY KIND OF ABUSE on the planet. Your local police force is highly trained and can help you, guide you. You pay for them to do their jobs, so pay yourself back.

    3. You MUST begin to keep a small notebook and pencil on hand to privately record every single negative thing that happens to you at work: people’s names, the time and date, where it happened, what happened, and especially any witness to the event. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “A stitch in time saves nine.” That’s good advice and it means “There’s no time like the present”, another good piece of advice. Write things down as discreetly as you can. If you don’t have any privacy, then go to the rest room, during your break, your lunch, any time you find a few moments. Depending on the rules at your job, you could also record your notes directly into your self phone and transcribe them to your notebook later. Why should you do this? If you speak to a lawyer, responders, the police, an investigator, or you end up in Court seeking a great big claim for “Compensatory and Punitive Damages” (look that up), you’ll have your handy-dandy little notebook that will serve as your Happy Trails Guide to “Life After Death” (the place you USED to work).

    Good luck all. I hear you. I feel you. And I’ve been abused at work, too. One a final note, keep in mind that those nasty people are just people. Who knows? Maybe they’re being abused by someone at your workplace too. Contrary to popular belief, nothing lasts forever, and people actually “survive n’ thrive” abuses far worse than any you can imagine. In the words of Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks”.

  50. If your job is not a special or particular job that no one else can fill right away, obviously a group intervention should be made. I would recommend that someone recorded the whole thing in case the HR loses her professional grip, don’t be dumb and go Facebook live because most employers monitor that. If your job is easily replaced you might be better off to leave because anytime human resources are brought in it’s not for your benefit it’s for the company proven fact. That is why all of your managers changed face when the human resource officer was appointed they need their jobs and they have been told not to worry about everyone else but their own. And most likely they can get you fired without having to fire you themselves. And this is how Trump wants to run the country as corporate.sorry but I speak the truth

  51. Clearly staff hanging up in a semi-organised way. A very very dangerous path to follow.

    Toe the line or find another job dear. “Ganging up” against a colleague is a dangerous path and a big IR issue.

    Keep this approach and your boss will still be standing while you’re standing in the dole line at the unemployment office

  52. My husband, a supervisor, got fired because of 5 guys on a crew told a diebetic that he put reg pop in his diet pop and thats why he wasnt feeling well. HR fired him for malicious horseplay. We contacted a lawyer and all heresay, we had no case, ohio can fire fir any reason any time. Supervisers arnt union and crew was so it was easier to take their word over his tgan fight the union.

  53. Oh, boy. This is a tricky one. The ONLY way you can get anyone in management fired is if you can prove that they’ve committed an actual crime. Examples 1) buy some drugs (preferable the hard stuff like coke) and find a way to make it look like its hers by putting in her purse or jacket pocket. 2) find a way to or find someone who can hack her computer. Load it up with child porn.
    3) go in to “talk” to said manager in private. Make sure everyone at work knows and is within hearing/seeing distance. Slap yourself as hard as you can and knock some stuff over while you hell and then run out holding your cheek. When people ask you what happened, tell them she slapped the crap out of you. Make sure you hit yourself hard enough to leave a hand print. Not only will you have the pleasure of watching her get fired, but you’d also watch her get arrested and charged with assault.

  54. She’s a dumb [squidlip]. But she likely got promoted by blowing her manager. He regrets his poor choices, but is unwilling to put his career (and marriage) on the line to make things right. The useless HR wench is leeching off of the same system that your manager is – blood-sucking from a system where actual talent is not needed if you have at least one of three holes available in your anatomy to get by or get ahead in their career. You and your team are expendable because you are cursed with integrity. The only path forward is to become an unscrupulous back-stabbing [squidlips], or find another job.

  55. Don’t do it, not even as a group! You’ll get the middle finger from HR, even when the bad boss falsified state reports and there is proof. HR & VPs cover up to save themselves. It’s brutal and painful. They will destroy you & your reputation.

    Get another job. Move on.

    Too late for us.

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  57. Interesting to read these comments. I totally agree that you cannot trust HR. I was put in an awkward situation with my 2 line-managers and told that I had no choice in it and had to accept their orders or i’d be fired. So I went to HR to complain that their new rules were not in my contract, and HR sided with the Managers in a very devious way and I was fired.
    I told the HR manager as I was being dismissed that I would never ever trust an HR department again. I was totally naive: I really believed HR is there to help employees; but like lots of people here, I have found out it is NOT true. I was disgusted with them. Don’t ever trust them; they only have loyalties to the company, and the existing management. I don’t believe there are any exceptions – and many people have told me their same stories since. so Be WARNED: Don’t take your grievances to them cos they will turn them against you. I have no words for the way they treat people: i can’t say them here. It is important people know this, and don’t fall for the corporate lies.

  58. I’m so glad I’m not the only one experiencing HR hell! I recently spoke with our CEO about my boss who is also female and was sexually harassing some of my co-workers. When my CEO passed on my concerns to HR they said that I should not worry about this because it had not happened to me directly. So basically they don’t care about what is going on as long as the affected person does not complaint. My co-workers are afraid to complaint and in the mean time my boss continues to put my workers in a very awkward situation.

  59. Two co-workers had picked on another co-worker for ages that had cancer and made fun of her. One joked that they were like the movie MEAN GIRLS. After they helped her retire early due to their constant harassment, then they started acting [squidlippy] with me. Big blow up about lunch deal where they went twice and didn’t invite me after eating together every day, but whatever. Then these two children go to management and try to force me to be friends with them. Seriously? I had to meet with my boss’s boss about 4 times, her choice. Both have mental problems and are bipolar. One cut me out of a group photo and posted on Facebook, the other laughed and made jokes. When I posted on my page that I heard of people cutting boyfriends out but not co-workers they got pissed. One day ran into one in the hall way and I was on the phone with a friend, and she says [SQUIDLIP]. I said what was that? She then says [SQUIDLIP] YOU! I said are you trying to start something? If so, I will go see management. So, I told my boss what happened. Called HR at their corporate office. They talked to her and sure she got a letter in her shield. But, I also did as well. TOTAL [SQUIDLIPPERY]. They said I was promoting violence by what I said. Had to take 2 courses and sign a paper as if I was the bad guy. Totally screwed up. HR sucks. Oh, and by the way this happened at STATE FARM! So your HR system is a total piece of [squidlips]! I guess in the future I will just be talked to like a dog or cuss back next time. Nothing in life is fair but be cautious if ever reporting anything – cause you will look like the trouble maker which is total bullshit!

  60. I am an expert at getting my friends and coworkers fired because I am a malignant narcissist. A sociopath. I destroy lives without remorse. I am mentally ill and don’t care about anyone but myself. I am a bully like Trump and Sue Willers.

  61. I love my job !And we got this new boss who doesn’t know shit about our process and is always trying to get one up on an employee to make a name for himself!Our previous boss was the best and she actually quit due to him!Ive never seen her ever get upset in 2 years until he came along!How do we get rid of him or what can we do?

  62. Never have pity for your employer is an oft statement, even from HR reps. When your claim has merit and files under ‘legalities’ you’ll get a swift response, typically within 2 weeks, pending schedules, nat’l holidays, etc. The thorough part of the investigation could take months which you might not be a part of. Investigations require observations, documentation and careful timelines. This works in the same manner for employees who bring months of documents into a meeting to present an organized case. It’s not up to you, the employee, to do all of the digging for HR as whatever be the case will come out in time. Firing a high level employee requires more time , even that person’s boss puts themselves on the line. In my exp, employees who complain without documenting are not being honest. It starts with documenting and progresses in steps, with the appropriate party. When you feel that you’re being harassed, document so your thoughts are in order and HR understands how to navigate the situation. If they’re doing it, then so should you. It’s one of the best ways to negotiate, which is an issue for employees…they don’t know how to navigate. HR has guidelines, rules, etc to follow and so do you. Someone is managing them too. They have complaints as well but the difference is they know how to navigate. Your manager gets complaints everyday, some will wear thin, stop caring, etc and the same is for HR. At the end of the day we’re all human so remember to treat that person as one. If you’re expecting an advocate of someone else, whoever that be at work then you’re not managing yourself in any given scenario. Take into account that the person with mgt exp sees this and they too must navigate, negotiate a two way street. If you’re not qualified to take their place then who should? If you were to take their place then you have a series of former peers who will know you as the unprofessional mgr, if not now then later. Will you still be everyone’s advocate or only to those who continue to show you loyalty? Will you discipline your advocates when claims of favoritism are made against them? What would you do if you became the mgr? The underlying message is think of solutions and what you will do to navigate rough waters. The underlying issue is slashing someone else just because you feel slashed. This is turn just becomes one big griping session. HR doesn’t want that anymore than you do. Burn out is real and dangerous, prioritize your career and always take the higher road.

  63. Why are you letting Tanya do all this by herself? If the group is sitting on the sidelines while all this is happening, then upper management can only conclude that it’s an issue between Tanya and your manager. You all need to speak up!

  64. I’ve witnessed the same behavior from my supervisor – she thinks she’s beyond staff and can do whatever she wants. Honestly, you can have the power to mention your boss’s behavior, and that is done by taking it to social media platforms such as Twitter. If your company is big, you can create an anonymous account and tag the company you work for listing all the problems you or you colleagues go through. The worst nightmare of a firm is when issues such as the ones you all mentioned are made public. This way, the firm will have to take actions because it’s reputation will be on the line as everyone would find out about the problems – Within or outside the firm. I will start my own battle after I have gathered all the information.

    1. I Agree With This 100%. But PLEASE Remember When You Go To the Public Platforms That You Create the Anonymous Account at a Public Computer~ Always! I Know About VPN But StiLL! Also When You Do All of This On a Public Computer- Don’t Do it Anywhere NEAR Where You Live.. Public Platforms are VERY Powerful and You’re Right on The Money When You Say That! I’ve Had to Use it When Dealing with CSR that are Rude, Lazy and Ignorant.. It’s a Shame~ But That’s What it’s Come Down to Nowadays.. Good Luck Laeticia and Please Keep Posting Updates! I’ve Been Thru Some Stuff Also. I’m Rooting For You!

  65. Just let him fail. There will be a day when his bad decissions will get him in a pinch and he will ask you to save his ass. Just say no and smile. Also always keep a papertrail of everything your boss demands. Never accept a task that is not logged somewhere other people can check.

  66. HR’s actual role is to protect the corporation/company from legal consequences. The idea that they do what’s best for staff is niaive in the extreme. They’d be more appropriately named Inhuman Resources. The biggest issue in this scenario isn’t HR though, it’s other managers. When they encounter someone willing to do the right thing — like reporting a bully — they see that person as someone they can’t control. Not being able to control underlings makes them afraid. They don’t like feeling afraid so they get rid of underlings who make them feel this way. I’m in a similar situation right now Every day i have to deal with a really nasty team leader who uses surrogates in the team to do her nasty work. My actual line manager knows she’s vile — my predecessor left because of her — but he’s told me that it’s my responsibility to just deal with her. He has abdicated responsibility because he’s a wimp who can’t face problems.
    I don’t complain about her. I do remind him here and there that I’m doing everything to maintain my own morale, in spite of things. That’s the lay up for when the inevitable happens — a new team member (one just joined) complains about her, just as I and my predecessor have. Also when I walk in 1 year and 9 months from now (i have a timer on my phone already with my planned last day), I’m going to stick the knife in a twist it. I will not do it when it can hurt me but on the way out I’ll do her as much damage as possible. And i’ll do it in a measured, reasonable way, consistent with the measured reasonable person I’ve earned a reputation of being. That way it will hold a lot more weight. Revenge is a dish best served cold. And served after you’ve left the table so it doesn’t blow back on you.

  67. Wrong. The above poster specifically said his boss spelled scenario with a “c”…scenario. Read it again.

  68. Dear Evil HR Lady,

    Our company had been bought out by another company about a year ago. They brought their own people in to run it. The supervisor has brought in his ow person to run the floor with no experience in the field by the way and he’s constantly bumping heads with everyone. He’s also the bosses best friend and roommate. Since the take over business has plummeted, lots of good long time employees have lost their job, I’m one of them, and everyone left is afraid to speak up. The supervisor has even been caught sleeping with other woman, other than his wife, on the worksite. What can be done about this legally? I don’t want to stir up something for the guys left working there if not for a sure thing.

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  70. Sadly, I’m a consult, now retired Social Worker and I have seen everything. I have worked in every state. I do training and investigations. I’m an expert in new systems and process.. Not that that matters to anyone…
    I will never understand the logic of upper management and I have been a V.P.
    Everyone must kiss the ass of the (nassisist) that runs the company.. God forbid you see a problem.
    You become the enemy.. Why- do companies want mean Directors.. They feel- they break (us) down and reel employees in – they want them to fear losing their job….

    Currently, I’m in a (position) were I know more than my very lazy Director. This woman is great at talking down, pointing fingers and doing everything to make herself look great.

    I was requested to a meeting the other day–that the CEO was copied on.
    It said, please attend the meeting in a civil manner (to me). That was the nice part of the letter..
    Another meeting for us to be alone -where she pushes every button.. The director gives me all her work. Than- she inspects it- and finds the (smallest) of nothing and makes it something- just to make me feel like shit.. As per- our policy the Director can give us any-work- even hers.. So- besides my work I’m building a case load of 55. I currently built 17 clients in 6 weeks. All my clients have the most severe mental health issues besides most have, drug charges, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, sexual abuse issues and homeless. They have court orders and they don’t comply. Not only – do I have to be a Social Worker- I’m the out-reach person also.. Which means i’m the sales person for the agency, we get leads or in social work terms “referrals” and I need to convince and make (sick people) come to the agency.. I then – do the intakes, assessments and care plans. Which was the Director’s job at one point.. I also oversee all 17 clients and their chaos. I’m the gate keeper for any service even the oversight for the quality of care received by the medical providers.. My clients, have court orders, might be drug seeking, committed murder, Arson and might even be high and acting out.

    Where not allowed to work overtime and our caseloads have gone from 30 to 55. Not sure- if anyone understands the chaos– but- think of how one addict or alcoholic disrupts a whole family– I’m building a caseload of 55 of them. Scary – I love my new job and really feel like the clients I’m helping.
    People who are so- needed but- just need direction and encouragement to move through a messy patch in life….
    But- I can’t manage all that this Director puts on me…So- I responded below as follows….

    I’m respectfully requesting HR to attend so we have a second set of ears. I don’t want to misunderstand or have anyone misinterpret what I say.

    Hr attend- the meeting and the meeting took 2 1/2 hours. I was briefed by a (20 year manager) what to say and not say.. I was so angry- I was even being called to this meeting.. I never even take lunch- but- I’m docked everyday.. I work- like a dog- helping clients and do nice things for my coworkers..

    The two women Directors attacked me and made me the worst employee besides threatened my job. I figured what do I have to loose..

    After their attack– I stated– don’t bully me.. Don’t put words in my mouth.. I refuse to work- and be picked on all day.. I also said, this will be– the 3rd time in 5 years you turned the department over..
    I said- can you afford to turn the department again…

    I also – found out in the meeting my director freely spoke for me- and complained to HR quoting me…
    I was shocked as the HR Director stated – why do you complain about (this and that)..
    I said, I never said that- and if- I felt that way- I would have just come to your office..
    Long story short- it was the worst meeting of my career. I cried like a baby in front of these women, defending my position- I had to defend my job and even why- I liked my job..
    The meeting ended with the Director- apologizing to me and I received over-time hours to complete her work since I’m backed up..

    I honestly never lost my cool, I did leave and took a break (for 5 minutes) because I was so frustrated….
    They never seemed to listen – until the end…
    I was just crying into a tissue- and said I can’t manage all the work your giving me..
    I felt weak, embarrassed and stayed true to the problem. At the end of the meeting, I was heading to my office and decided- this job isn’t worth it…
    I was heading for the Door- never to return or answer any calls from anyone in the company…

    I cleaned up my office- and gathered my belongings. The whole staff – and clients knew what happened the walls are very thin..

    Everyone looked so- sad- they new- I was defeated. Embarrassed, humiliated and exhausted I went to the copy room to shred the paperwork from my desk.. Just policy- nothing malicious..

    I see all these cards in my mailbox.
    Little notes- all unsigned.. Just reminding (me) it’s just a bad day- but- everyone here loves me and that they enjoy that I come to work everyday.. There were even notes from clients- I recognized their handwriting. I honestly- started crying- even more. I didn’t quit- but- I’m looking for a new job- because once you go to HR- or complain about a Manager your done..

    I not- letting anyone take my power– a lot of (change) will take place because of that meeting… However, the person who fills my position- will benefit not me… Its the price we pay- to stand up to a bully….. I won’t have it any other way….

  71. Some managers don’t measure the consequences of their actions… not all people have the patience to put up with that [squidlip]…once I blew in a supervisor in front of everybody… I’m a good man.. but when patience meets its limits… I never exitate to tell that boss what I think about him/ her….hypocrisy never restes…

  72. Yes for god sake go as a group and back up the brave woman who likely lost her job because her coworkers have no spines!

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