Every office-based TV show and movie needs an HR department. But what would happen if you were trained in HR by watching TV shows and movies? You’d probably learn both good and bad things. Mostly bad, though, because let’s face it, HR isn’t exactly portrayed accurately in Hollywood.

Don’t believe me? Let’s examine some popular shows.

“The Office”

HR Representative: Toby Flenderson, played by Paul Lieberstein.

Toby is as boring as can be and is constantly insulted by his boss, Michael Scott. It’s pretty clear that Toby doesn’t report to Michael, but he doesn’t stand up to him either. Toby also allows lots of unacceptable behavior in the office. Which is good for the show, because that’s essentially the whole plot. Nevertheless, Toby stinks as an HR manager.

What to learn from Toby: While Toby is a terrible HR representative, he does do some things right. He develops relationships with the rest of the staff but does so by keeping his distance. This is actually important for HR managers — if you get too close to individual employees it could impede your ability to make good, objective decisions.

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2 thoughts on “HR Humor in Hollywood

  1. You left out my favorite, the long suffering Janine Davis, played by Regina King, on The Big Bang Theory. She teaches us that dealing with employees who refuse to understand interpersonal relationships is a tough row to hoe.

    1. She is my absolute favorite HR Manager on TV!! She has reappeared in several episodes but should be in more. Her facial expressions and reactions are fabulous.

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