10 HR Rules That Would Improve the World

HR is often misunderstood, but that’s just because they don’t understand us. In fact, if HR rules were implemented everywhere, your life would be much, much better. Here are 10 ways things would change for the better if HR ruled the world.

1. Onboarding for Everything

Think how onboarding would change your life. That guy you met on Tinder? He’d come with a packet that explained the benefits of dating him. You could make an informed choice before you spent an hour at Starbucks getting to know him. When you move into a new house, you’d get a tour of everyone else’s house in the neighborhood, along with planned lunches for the first week. Awesome.

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2 thoughts on “10 HR Rules That Would Improve the World

  1. How about we start by making #1 work both ways? My career to date would have been *so* much easier if each employer had been required to give me a prospectus answering such vexing questions as how flexible “flex time” will really be, how strict their dress code, and how much they will butt into my personal life.

    Of course, most of the other nine points are right out, because HR already has too much power ever to be trusted. Cry on an HR rep’s shoulder about something that bothers you? They’ll fire you from ambush the next day. Let HR plan parties? Anything fun will be forbidden. Let them impose performance reviews throughout your life? Congratulations. You’ve just reinvented HR as the North Korean secret police.

    Recruiters who work for you might be helpful — in some jobs they already exist and are called agents — but again, I’d have to really be the one paying them or they couldn’t be trusted.

  2. It would be nice if HR rules were implemented in the company. My last 2 companies… I don’t even think that they had an HR department. The only time I met someone who said they were in HR , was when someone flew in from the HQ office along wit the CIO to announce layoffs.

    When I had an HR questions, it was submitted by email to a HR distro list. Sometimes I would get a response, and sometimes not. I had no idea who I was talking to, and it seemed to be a different person every time.

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