Stretch Those Paychecks: 6 Cost Savings Ideas for Your Employees

When some employers talk about their company’s benefits, they are simply referring to health insurance—but there is so much more to consider. For a few pennies out of your organization’s coffers, there are several ways you can help the workforce save money.

For starters, you can help your coworkers stretch their paychecks and make the most of their benefits by sharing these six cost-saving ideas for employees.

1. Choose Your Health Insurance Wisely

It’s crucial to think through all your health insurance options—including discounts for wellness participation, preventive medicine and health care spending accounts (HSAs) that allow people to pay for medical expenses with pretax dollars. Not all insurance companies are created equal—some contract with pharmacies that can automatically send out maintenance medication to prevent individuals from having to spend a lot of money due to a health crisis. Make sure you weigh all your options.

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  1. Great points for saving costs, but I have a question as to what positions will these cost-saving benefits be offered to–a white-collar position in management or all levels of employees? The lower level earners will be most helped by cost saving tactics like this, but are these benefits offered?

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