The REAL HR Show: The Worst Managers of 2021 (From Ask a Manager)

Some managers are not great, but these were truly terrible. Alison Green at Ask a Manager runs a vote every year for the worst manager. You can read them all here.

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6 thoughts on “The REAL HR Show: The Worst Managers of 2021 (From Ask a Manager)

  1. I just can’t support or read AAM anymore. It use to be a professional blog with great work advice, but it slowly devolved into yet another outrage baiting site. I feel like it’s been going downhill since 2016 but this year’s posts of petty office revenge were terrible, and the final straw for me at least, was the nasty article of someone purporting to be a former letter writers coworker just to dish more dirt about that letter writer. There were hundreds of nasty comments about that former advice seeker before comments were shut down. The whole thing was solicited and advertised on Alison’s twitter. It’s not the site it use to be.

    1. I agree 1000%. And if no one knows this – if you post ANYTHING that is slightly in disagreement with the ‘mass’ your comment is deleted and you are blocked. Like immediately. I simply said that I wish more research was being done on natural immunity from covid instead of mandates and I was blocked (my IP) and the comment deleted. She calls it mis-information. Our part of the country had a very very different experience of covid than more populated areas and that makes us evil I guess.

      1. Was that your first experience with a moderated site? Most sites these days are moderated, and not every comment submitted gets posted. That’s the same on this site. To verify that, all you need to do is to click all the notification boxes below and see what you get.

        1. It’s my first experience with a moderated site that doesn’t allow even well thought out and valid points just because they aren’t agreed with – that is for sure. Never have I seen a site that is so completely one sided.

      2. People disagree on AAM all the time and it results in neither comment deletion nor banning.

        But yes, promoting COVID misinformation will get you perma-banned.

        1. The information I posted was NOT COVID misinformation – it was quoted from a valid study that had been peer reviewed and was cited. It was deleted and I was ‘perma-banned’.

          COVID misinformation seems to be opinion based – whereas someone disagreeing cannot be opinion based.

          I see very little disagreement on the site at all and assume there is lots of moderation happening.

          And saying all of that it is a moderated site and of course it has every right to be the way the owner wants it to be – just don’t expect there to be any real back and forth there if you have different opinions or even different information.

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