Indeed’s Radical New Shift in Pricing Policy

Earlier this year, Indeed made a significant change in what information it gives candidates — that all job postings must have salary ranges even if the employer doesn’t want that. And now the job board is implementing another significant change: a shift from a pay-per-click to a pay-per-application pricing plan.

Instead of charging based on clicks alone, employers will pay when a job seeker fills out an application. This could be a game-changer for recruiters who often tire of people (like me) who click on many job postings for reasons other than applying for the job.

Maggie Hulce, Indeed’s executive vice president and general manager for enterprise, describes the new plan as helping employers get closer to making the hire and that Indeed is taking into account employer feedback.

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One thought on “Indeed’s Radical New Shift in Pricing Policy

  1. And how exactly does this change help the applicants get through the application process better? Okay it may be a cost savings for the potential employer, but from the applicant viewpoint, this becomes another blockage in getting your application actually approved and reviewed and processed for an “interview” that may not even get you hired.
    Okay making sure the hiring company has a specific detailed job description with benefits and salary ranges presented is only one aspect of the hiring process.

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