How Do I Get People to Do Their HR Tasks?

How does HR hold people accountable for the HR part of their jobs? For example, reviewing resumes, filling out performance appraisals, taking required training, signing documents, etc. I’m an HR professional at a company where employees take a lackadaisical approach to these checklists. They might be great at their jobs, but I can’t do my own job if they don’t finish these tasks, and I have no authority over them. Help! 

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One thought on “How Do I Get People to Do Their HR Tasks?

  1. Do YOUR job, #1. Then make sure that “administrative duties” are included in each manager’s/supervisor’s job description. Since that can be like pulling teeth, stick with it. I also come from the school that says performance reviews should be weighted with standards and objectives. The weighting was usually 40% standards and 60% objectives for department managers. Then keep score. Who was late with performance reviews? Who is too lenient, and rates everyone a superstar? Make sure they are aware of compensation policies. The first time a manager gets dinged on his or her performance review for ignoring HR tasks they’ll get the message.

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