Evil HR Lady Podcasts

I was going to start a podcast, then I realized I’m a guest on so many of them, I already have a podcast feed! I love being a guest on other people’s podcasts. Here is a recent roundup. I hope I’ve grabbed them all!

Resume Storyteller with Virginia Franco

Interview with Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR Lady

Stacking Benjamins

Making the Most of Your HR Department, a HOT Investment, and Real Estate Nightmares

How I got Hired with Sonal Bahl

Suzanne Lucas: An Encounter with the Evil HR Lady


Comstock’s Talks
Evil HR Lady: Should a New Hire Be Allowed to Take a Trip?

The Shape of Work
#4: Suzanne Lucas on the new role for HR following the pandemic

My HR Journey with Steve Watson
28: Suzanne Lucas, Owner, The Evil HR Lady

The Stacking Benjamins Show
10 Habits to Become a Better Investor (plus the Evil HR Lady)

The Recruitment Hacker’s Podcast
Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” – Forced vacations, termination policies, and more