Help! I’ve been accused of sexual harassment

by Evil HR Lady on June 15, 2012

Dear Evil HR Lady

I am a new manager (3 months), and one of my supervisors recently notified me of an issue she is having with her co-worker. I explained that I was aware of the issue and was addressing it. (The issue with her coworker did not directly affect her or her workload.)

Three days later, she came to me again with the same issue — this time with a tone of voice as if I had not addressed the issue. I explained to her that I did know about the issue but that it would be inappropriate for me to discuss my conversation with this other supervisor and that I was handling the issue. She then told me that she has something else to address with me. She said that I make her feel uncomfortable because I look at her inappropriately. I told her that I was sorry that she felt this way and that If I had done this it was unintentional. My first instinct was to report this to HR, as I felt that I was being threatened with an accusation that was untrue because she did not like being counseled on her persistence in resolving an issue with her coworker.

I am questioning this choice because I fear that this situation could turn on me and could cause me problems or to lose my job.


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