Are your coworkers jealous or are you obnoxious?

by Evil HR Lady on July 3, 2013

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have a question about jealous co-workers. I got trained for a new assignment by this guy in another department. Everyone has been saying how good I am with programming and other things. Basically, when I was training I gave it my all. The guy who was training me is newer, and I feel that my experience kind of intimidated him.

He would always talk about it and almost even complain about how much experience I have. So because of this he trained me really poorly. He didn’t care. I basically got no training from him, and he didn’t help with anything. On top of that he was rude.

I have another person who I am going to train with for another assignment. Do you think it’s wise to dumb it down to get people to not be intimidated or jealous. My girlfriend says the same thing happens to her sometimes. To me it sounds more like a girl thing, but evidently not. She says to not let on how much you know. I can see her point. Do you agree?

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