5 Ways Smart People Are Solving Income Inequality

by Evil HR Lady on April 20, 2015

Yesterday was “equal pay day day” which is supposed to represent how far a woman needs to work into 2015 to make as much income as a man did in 2014. While lots of people disagree with the premise that the difference in pay is based on discrimination (the Washington Post, for instance, gives the claims “2 Pinocchios” meaning that the claim contains “significant omissions and/or exaggerations. Some factual error may be involved but not necessarily.”) people want to make sure that things are fair.

Many women feel they face wage discrimination and some do face wage discrimination. Many women aren’t facing gender discrimination but rather the result of their choices–but if they had better options, they’d make better choices. So, true or false, we need solutions. Here are what 5 smart people and companies are trying to do to rectify the situation.

To read the 5 ways, click here: 5 Ways Smart People Are Solving Income Inequality

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