The Two Most Important Days of Your Employees’ Lives

by Evil HR Lady on June 10, 2015

You want the best company with a great culture and strong, hardworking employees. You know that means you need to get your new employees on board, understanding the company mission, and making a meaningful contribution, so the first day on the job is obviously an important day in your new employees’ lives. But, Adam Ochstein, founder and CEO of StratEx, a Chicago-based firm that provides HR services and software, says it’s not just the first day that’s important, the last day is as well.

Ochstein calls this “Bookends Culture.” “Oftentimes,” he says, ” the focus is on heavily retaining existing employees who may already be bought into the vision rather than helping new hires understand and get acclimated to the culture.”

On the other end, managers often make big mistakes when an employee resigns. Ochstein says, “One of the biggest mistakes managers make is giving a top performer the cold shoulder when they quit.” Why is that a mistake? Well for lots of reasons. Someone who has been a top performer for you will likely be a top performer for someone else. Your former employee could someday become your client or your vendor. Additionally, Ochstein says, “people associate with similar people, so top performers will know other top performers in their network.”

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