Why You Should Ignore Warren Buffett

by Evil HR Lady on December 18, 2015

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Warren Buffett just said that you shouldn’t take resume building jobs, but instead should jump into things you love. His exact quote is “I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your resume.” This is excellent advice if your daddy can get you a job you love at his business, or front you several million dollars so you can start up your own business. The rest of us? We need experience. We need to learn things through hard work so that we are prepared to jump into a job we love.

Take for instance, the piano. I love to sit down and play. You know what I didn’t like? All that practicing my mother made me do. Now I can do something I love but only because I did the hard work.

And, so let’s talk about hard work. Restaurants are where most of us get our start. The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) thinks that’s a great place to start, and so do I. Do jobs such as working as a waitress actually teach you anything, or is it just a way to earn some money until you can do, as Buffet suggests, and jump into your favorite thing ever? They absolutely teach you transferable skills and it looks great on your resume—especially when you’re trying to get your first job out of college. What does a job in a restaurant teach you?

How to work.

I didn’t realize this was a difficult concept until I had actual children myself. (My mother I laughing at this). Turns out, they don’t come out of the womb knowing that cleaning the kitchen includes scrubbing the pans, wiping off the table, and sweeping the floor, not just shoving the half scraped dishes into the dishwasher. Work in a restaurant? It’s hard and can be uncomfortable, but it teaches you to clean up messes as you go. It teaches you to keep a smile on your face when your feet hurt. It teaches you to put a fresh pot of coffee on before the current one is empty.

These things all transfer. Hard work? Life is hard. You want to be successful? You want to climb the corporate ladder? Learn how to work your buns off.

Working when your feet hurt? You can’t give up on a project or a job when it gets hard. You can’t give into a bully coworker because she makes you feel uncomfortable. You learn how to keep going when it gets tough.

Keeping a smile on your face? All jobs are customer service jobs. Who the customer is varies from job to job, but there’s always a customer. Your customers like you better when you’re kind. Most jobs don’t result in tips, but treating the customer right can result in profits.

Starting a new pot of coffee before the old one is finished? If you wait until there is an actual problem to start on the solution, you’ll always be catching up. If you can anticipate needs, you’re a lot better off . Turns out that the Food and Beverage Service Competency Model actually does work.

How to behave at a job.

Turns out all those television shows where the characters make huge mistakes and then because they are funny the day is saved not apply in real life. Likewise, you get fired for sexual harassment, rather than getting to date the hot guy in the office. You don’t get to come in whenever you feel like it and you need to respect your boss, even if your boss isn’t so bright.

Learning these things early in life will be a boon to your career. It’s just that type of resume building that actually helps you get to your dream job. And, it turns out, that even if your dad does hire you, he’d be smart to send you to work in a restaurant first.

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