What If an Employee Refuses to Answer Emails in the Evening?

by Evil HR Lady on January 17, 2017

Nick Corcodilos, who writes at Ask the Headhunter, tackled a question from a reader who wanted to know if he was unreasonable for expecting to only work during business hours. Corcodilos comes down firmly on the side of the employee who wants to have some semblance of work-life balance by turning off his email in the evening. He writes:

In my opinion, people who walk around with “I work evenings, too” tattooed to their foreheads are dopes begging to be abused. Good for you for saying no. There’s nothing impressive about projecting “I’m proud because I work for my boss all day long!”

If you want to leave that interviewer with the right impression about your dedication to your work, try this:

How to Say It

“I’ll do all the work necessary to help my company be successful while I’m at work. I’m proud of that.”

It’s up to your boss to give you the right work to do, and it’s up to your boss to define, organize, and manage your workload during work hours to ensure the company’s success.

Corcodilos has good advice and good ideas, but what if you’re the manager? What if you, yourself, are spending hours each night handling things, and having an employee who refuses to play along will increase your workload? Then what? Evaluate your employee’s request along these lines:

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