Dealing with Employee Theft: Tips and Actions to Take

by Evil HR Lady on August 30, 2017

Employee theft can be a problem at any restaurant. Often, people think of theft as taking money out of a cash register or walking out the back door with expensive equipment, but theft can happen in little ways such as an employee handing out free drinks or meals to friends. So what do you do when this happens? Here are some tips to help guide you.

Take Preventative Measures

Make the rules clear. If you let employees eat discounted or complimentary meals, be sure to set clear boundaries. If this isn’t allowed, make that clear as well. Don’t expect your staff to learn the rules by watching others. Additionally, you may confuse your employees if they see you handing out food to your friends. Make sure your staff is aware that they don’t have the same privileges as you—the owner or manager of the restaurant. Your policies and employee wages should also be clear and fair. If employees feel like they’re not being paid fairly, they’ll be more likely to steal from you.

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