You Have Only 24 Days Left to Ask for a Raise

by Evil HR Lady on September 6, 2017

You’ve worked really hard this year and accomplished a ton. It’s only September, but you’ve already met or exceeded all your goals for the year. You deserve a raise and were planning to ask for one when you had your annual performance review in December. That’s way too late. You have until September 30 to make sure your boss knows why you deserve a huge bump in pay come January 1.

Lots of companies do an annual year end increase, and if your company does, you need to start talking with your manager now if you want more than an average increase. Why? Because raises don’t happen overnight and they don’t happen in a vacuum. Here’s what (probably) happens in your company for annual increases:

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Dorothy September 6, 2017 at 4:05 pm

This is such good advice. Rule #1 for getting a raise is, Understand your company’s annual appraisal and raise cycle.


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