If You’re a Boss Who Knows Everything, You’re Probably a Bad Boss

by Evil HR Lady on October 3, 2017

Top down management sounds like a pretty traditional hierarchy. There’s the CEO, his minions, their minions, and then the worker bees. Everyone does precisely what the person above them tells them to do. However, this “top-down” style of management is pretty awful in real life. There isn’t a CEO on the planet that is so brilliant he needs no ideas from the “little people.”

To read all about it, click here: The Perils of Top Down Management

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Maria Rose October 3, 2017 at 4:10 pm

The article emphasizes why Undercover Boss show is great. This style management reminds of that whispering game of passing a phase to see if phase gets to end the same way.
CEO’s need to know how the whole organization works and be highly aware of how effective orders are carried out.


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