CBS Fires Vice President Over Horrible Las Vegas Facebook Post

The October 1 massacre that killed over 50 and wounded hundreds more was a national tragedy. Most people were in shock, horrified and saddened by what happened. But, CBS Senior Attorney Hayley Geftman-Gold wasn’t saddened or even sympathetic to the victims, according to a comment she made on Facebook, which was captured and shared by Brandon Morse:

CBS did the right thing and fired Geftman-Gold’s because of her statement that “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans are often republican gun toters.”

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12 thoughts on “CBS Fires Vice President Over Horrible Las Vegas Facebook Post

  1. Great comment article, hope you won’t get attacked by the PC liberal leftists for making a valid point, that you can’t post online as if you were having a private conversation–Once posted it is forever.

    1. I think most of us liberals think what she did was abhorrent too. On top of being massively stupid, both as a concept and as an action.

    2. Liberals aren’t the only ones who suffer from the delusion that privacy is even possible on the internet.

    3. Hey Maria,
      PC liberal leftist here. I agree with the firing of the CBS employee.
      I hope you’re not in HR, BTW.

  2. No one deserves to die because of their political views. I would BET there were both democrats and republicans in that massacre. And guess what, there were young people that weren’t even old enough to vote yet, so now because of PURE EVIL. They never get the right to choose. This CBS exec’s comments were not spoken with intelligence and therefore, they had no choice but to terminate as she represents them publicly. People– ALL OF US, no matter your personal beliefs. USE PROFESSIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Please- there are grieving families, there are people fighting for their lives right now. There is a devastated city and the police are working diligently to find out WHY this mad man would do this evil act.
    Remember 9/11. They used airplanes. Remember Oklahoma- he used nitrogen bombs. This isn’t a gun issue, this isn’t a POLITICAL issue. This is a matter of Good vs. Evil and the EVIL is winning!

  3. I don’t agree termination was warranted. Some penalty, yes. We know people remain employed for speaking and acting in much more unacceptable ways.

    1. It doesn’t matter if other people remained employed for speaking and acting in “much more unacceptable ways”. CBS decided that they would not allow this person to remain employed at their company, and they made this decision. Companies make these decisions all the time, and it has nothing to do with what other companies have done. She clearly understood that her comment was problematic because she took it down. Just not soon enough. All speech has consequences.

      1. I agree for HRJeanne, I have terminated an employee for making a facebook comment that was derogatory about a company owner after a fire in the facility. Most companies now make employees sign a Social Media policy and this employee’s comment would have clearly violated that policy if one was in place.

    2. CBS is a media and news agency. The woman in question is a lawyer according to the article.

      Firstly, lawyers are or should have been trained in how to say things in difficult (trial) situations without making such a massive screw up.

      Secondly she works for CBS. Which means not only should she know how to not say unconscionable stuff (the post was FINE until the “I don’t care” part,) she should have had a clue that it would reflect on her employer.

      She’s not a low level worker in a non public facing department who blew off steam.

      She’s a lawyer. She should have known better. Particularly in the current climate of being aware that people are being fired for social media.

      This should not be news to someoene who works for a news agency. Even if she’s not in news and she’s in talent (I don’t care enough to google her to find out what she actually DID for CBS.)

  4. Fire her?! Yep, she SHOULD be held to a higher standard than your average worker.

    Her stupid comment reminds me of that jerk who drove through a Chick-fil-A and berated the worker behind the drive-up window for working for a “hateful” company. He too wasn’t just an “average” worker. And took his frustration out on someone who had little-to-no say on what the CEO said or believed. (and she was very professional – all the way in her dealing with the jerk)

    It isn’t for the stupid comments they make – it is for the stupid judgment they show that they deserve to be fired.

    Recently, at my own place of work, a lawyer (again one who should know better) found another “excellent job opportunity” and left. I can’t help but wonder if her leaving had something to do with all her remarks – and they were quite often and loud – about stupid Trump voters. These comments had been going on since the election last November. If they told her quietly to leave they did her a favour instead of outright throwing her out. Yes, she was that obnoxious too.

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