What Are the Worst Presents You’ve Received from a Boss or Co-Worker?

by Evil HR Lady on November 15, 2017

Have you received a holiday present, only to find out that the cost was deducted from your paycheck?

Or, been given a framed picture of the boss?

What’s the worst present you’ve gotten from your boss or co-worker over the year?  Or have you been pressured into giving a present to a supervisor only to receive nothing in return?

Tell me your story!

I’ve never gotten anything “bad” but as a Mormon, I don’t drink. One year, when I was very pregnant, I received a bottle of champagne. A lovely gift, but hint, don’t buy alcohol for the pregnant Mormon in your office.

(I will say, in defense of the gift giver, I had never discussed my religion with him, and he probably just thought I was fat. He was truly a lovely person, and I found it hilarious.)

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