Can Your Remote Works Be a True Team? Of Course!

by Evil HR Lady on December 5, 2017

I have worked at home–at least partially–for the past 14 years. While this means I have a well worn path between my computer and my refrigerator, it also means I have a pretty good idea about how to build relationships with people you don’t actually see every day.

It can be more difficult, however, than getting to know the person in the next cube. When your co-worker comes in all giddy about something, you’ll naturally have a conversation. But, when you’re not face-to-face, unless she purposely tells you she found the best binge-worthy show ever on Netflix, (The Good Place), you won’t ask.

It can take some time and effort and some deliberate work from the manager to build a great remote team. Over at The Balance, I’ve come up with some suggestions for how to do this. Hop on over and read: How to Create a Team When You’re Managing Remote Workers

(And actually, now that I think about this, The Good Place is all about team building. Caution: Spoilers)

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