5 Steps to Take in the Wake of a Data Security Breach

by Evil HR Lady on February 20, 2018

Equifax, Target and Yahoo each suffered a massive data security breach that made their customers vulnerable. While you may think you are safe because your customer data isn’t nearly as interesting as these giant corporations, nothing could be farther from the truth. Hackers love small businesses because they tend to be easier to attack.

According to CNBC, hackers have already breached 14 million small businesses in the United States. If you are (or become) one of these businesses, here are five steps to immediately take in the wake of a data security breach.

1. Report the Hack

You may want to keep it quiet, but that’s considered illegal in most states. As Fortune points out, only Alabama, New Mexico and South Dakota do not have data breach laws. Your customers have a right to know that there has been a data security breach that affects them. Depending on your business and what information you hold, a hack might put clients at serious financial or security risk. If you don’t tell them, they are likely to find out eventually—and the results could be worse for you.

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