The Ultimate Guide to Handling Office Bullies

by Evil HR Lady on February 21, 2018

When my daughter was in first grade, she came home complaining about a girl who bullied her. I went to the teacher and explained and asked that she keep an eye on the situation. A few days later the teacher reported that my daughter was mistaken–there was no bad behavior.

Upon further questioning, the teacher admitted that she stood in the center of the playground during recess so she could keep an eye on everything. But, there had been no pushing or shoving! I couldn’t believe I needed to explain to a teacher that mean girls use words to torment others, not pushing and shoving.

Even by the ripe old age of 7, this particular mean girl had learned how to behave around the “boss.” Imagine how much more time the 35-year-old in your office has had to perfect her (or his) bullying craft! It’s no wonder that bullying often goes unnoticed and uncorrected. Managers, like teachers, are busy putting out the fires they can easily see and the subtle torment goes by unobserved. And sometimes, managers are the bullies.

Preston Ni, at Psychology Today, identified five types of bullying adults face. They are:

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